Clowney Or Mack Would Bring More "Explosion" To The Defense
Texans Draft: Want Vs. ThinkWith so many mock drafts and so many pundits saying who the Texans should draft with the overall No. 1 pick in this year's NFL Draft we know that it is really all just people guessing what the Texans are going to do. All the while trying to not influence what they want the Texans to do. So we decided to ask the simple question. What do you want the Texans to do? What do you think the Texans will do? Here is what our staff wants and what they think.
Should The Texans Draft Carr...AgainIf the Houston Texans allow what Derek Carr's brother did to the franchise to sway their opinion on him, they are making a huge mistake. A Cowboys size mistake.
An Early Case For Teddy Bridgewater At No. 1
Texans Could Lose First Pick In Draft With Win

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