How Much Longer Can The Texans Wait On Tony Romo?At what point should Texans close the door on Tony Romo?
[WATCH] Cowboys Fans Fight Each Other During Game Vs. GiantsThe Dallas Cowboys narrowly lost 20-19 in a big week 1 game to the New York Giants on Sunday in a game that is always heated between the two division rivals. In the stands at AT&T stadium, however, Cowboys fans took to fighting each other in one of the standing room only areas at the Cowboys field.
Winning Or Losing Fans Need To Stay LateOn Sunday, January 3rd, the Texans won the division in a glorious blowout over the Jaguars. When Kareem Jackson got a pick-six with 3:09 left in the game to go up 30-6, I left the SportsRadio 610 suite to go down to the media work area. This is typically about the time in every game I leave the suite or press box in order to get things ready for the postgame show. But as I was making my way down the escalator and my excitement was already building towards the playoffs, I was disappointed to be packed on the escalator with so many other fans leaving early.
Chris Villani: Patriots Fans Don't Trust Bill BelichickChris Villani from WEEI Radio and joined Mike and Seth on MadRadio talking the lack of trust Patriots fans have in Head Coach Bill Belichick, the NFL investigation into the matter, and Belichick maybe throwing Q Tom Brady under the bus.
Meltsdown: Rockets Fans Must Be Willing to Lose with Harden and HowardMike and Seth agree that winning is a process. When you have two superstars like the Rockets in James Harden and Dwight Howard, you must be willing, as a fan, to lose with Harden and Howard.
Pagano: Texans Fans Caused Fumble On Watt Recovery For Touchdown
TVGN To Rebrand As 'POP'Get ready for a pop of something more original when TVGN (formerly TV Guide Network) rebrands itself as POP, a multi-platform destination dedicated to celebrating the fun of being a fan.
12 Types Of People You See At A Baseball GameHave you ever really looked around at the types of people in the crowd during a baseball game? Well, maybe now you will.
Highlight the Helpless: Homeless Man, Old Cars, Trash TalkB-Straw and Pauly G start off the segment with news about a homeless man in New York City that was arrested for watching porn on the street. They move on to the names of the vehicles that they have previously owned. The main topic of discussion involved a Michigan State fan that was hospitalized after 'talking trash' on Michigan University's campus.
Gallo Goes There: What Makes A Great Sports Town?Is it because every team in the city is equally loved and supported, with sellouts stretching back decades, through good seasons and bad?
Nick Ferguson: It's All About Winning
Houston PD Tweet That Police Never Called To Schaub's House

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