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Florida Marlins v Houston Astros

Houston Astros Press Conference

Jim Crane agrees to buy the Astros from Drayton McLane. Listen to his comments from the press conference!


(credit: Bill Baptist/Getty Images)

Is McLane’s Sale Of The Astros A Distraction?

As the Astros left for Atlanta on Sunday, one common theme seemed to rise from the questions players were asked in the clubhouse. Has the sale of the team been a distraction?


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McLane ‘Hopeful’ Deal To Sell Astros Is Close

Fox26 reports that owner Drayton McLane is hoping a deal is near.


Michael Bourn

Just what Drayton wanted to see: Bourn signs with Boras

John P. Lopez Here are the details from the Sports Agent Blog, but clearly Scott Boras doesn’t take on a client unless he’s ready to renegotiate … and I think we all know the tenuous, […]


Drayton McLane

The Astros are young, lack star power, uninteresting, and probably sub-.500. Sure. Charge more.

By JOHN P. LOPEZ It’s official. The Astros — specifically owner Drayton McLane and president Pam Gardner — have lost touch with reality. Either that, or they don’t care. Either way, raising ticket prices across […]