Domestic Violence

Barrier Breaker Luncheon 6-14-15Mike Meltser and Seth Payne from MAD Radio on SportsRadio 610 speak with Dr. Vern Swisher of CRR (Career and Recovery Resources) and Indrani Goradia, the Director of Indrani's Light Foundation. They talked about the Barrier Breaker Luncheon on June 30th honoring Indrani and her foundation. They discussed how her foundation got started and the purpose of the foundation which is to eliminate domestic violence. They also discuss how CRR was founded, as well as some of their services.
The NFL's Message Is Clear: "We Still Don't Get It"
A Medical Re-Awakening To Issues Of Domestic ViolenceDesiree Cooper, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, said many victims of abuse neglect their healthcare needs.
If You're Last, You're First; Texans Last In NFL In ArrestsThe NFL's worst week ever for off-field issues started with the release of the second Ray Rice video that left Commissioner Roger Goodell's competency and/or integrity in question. The week ended with the indictment and arrest of Adrian Peterson on child abuse charges. With so many issues swirling at once, there is a tendency to judge the entire league as criminals.
We Are Speaking Up, But Are You Listening?
Dolci: 'The Focus Should Be on The Abuser Not The Victim'Natalie Dolci is the Victims Advocate of the University of Washington Police Department. We get a victim's perspective of Domestic abuse.
Ray Rice Bad, Penn State Good; That Makes Perfect Sense
Keidel: Josh Gordon And NFL PolicyIt seems we've jumped into the pool of relativism since we got wind of Josh Gordon's season-long suspension for marijuana use. You have the indignant faction that can't believe someone who smokes weed gets a year while Ray Rice skates with a two-game suspension
Married Police Officers Arrested In Fatal ShootingOklahoma authorities say argument with daughter's boyfriend turned deadly.
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Nick Wright: The Rhetoric On Domestic Violence Needs To Change