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Nick Wright and John Lopez. (credit: Anna-Megan Raley/CBS Houston)

The Best Of The Worst of ‘In The Loop’ Featuring Vandy

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SportsRadio 610–02/26/2015


The Best Of The Worst Of ‘In The Loop’

The Best Of The Worst Of ‘In The Loop’



The Best Of The Worst of ‘In The Loop’

The Best Of The Worst of ‘In The Loop’



The Best Of The Worst of ‘In The Loop’

The Best Of The Worst of ‘In The Loop’


So @getnickwright contradicts his own takes, twice, in this runs own. Find ‘em? Plus Mike Schmidt, Doc First & Vandy

600- Are you cool with referees calling games differently depending on the time of the game or the situation (playoffs, non playoffs, etc) Cuz here’s the thing, I’ve said the refs have been great, which […]


Now what, Rockets? Plus CSN’s Matt Hutchings in-studio, Draft Daddy Matt Bitonti, Doc First & Vandermeer

600- Rockets vs. Lakers and Rockets playoffs matchup… 615- HEADLINES… Including Clay Mathews extension 630- TOP 3… 645- NO HUDDLE… I bet Lopez would totally be into this … It happens every year, and […]


Manti Lie-O: Deadspin writer joins us. Plus Doc First, Jerrod Johnson & Harbaugh punks Kubes?

600- Mant’i Teo… Dude… Dude… DUDE… Bizarre story… Even more bizarre press conference… Confusing and literally unbelievable…. Maybe this is irresponsible, but my gut feeling on this is that he’s gay and this was his […]


Old-guard writers need to die. Gameplan Pats w/Ted Johnson. Doc First. And delusional Boston radio

600- Well, we’ve got 3.5 hours coming up with Ted Johnson talking all things NFL and Texans Patriots… So we’re going to start with the crime that is Craig Biggio NOT making the Hall of […]


In-depth Texans audio. Goodell as All-Time QB? Doc First and Teddy Three Rings.

600- Will the Texans get the #1 seed?… Also, JJ Watt leading Pro Bowl voting… so that’s cool, I suppose. 615- HEADLINES 630- TOP 3… Can the KC Star layoff story inspire the top 3? […]


Nick thinks women have magic body parts? How good is Bears D? Plus Doc First and Teddy Three-Rings.

600- This Chicago defense is more than just a turnover causing monster… They are top 5 in basically everything… 3 rd in sacks, 1 st in QB Rating against (62!!!! They turn every QB they […]




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