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J&R Hijack MaD Radio CallerWe were sitting around doing the usual show prep when Josh thought it would be fun to talk to callers.
Paul Bessire Gives His Thoughts On The NFL Week 8Paul Bessire of joins MaD Radio. Paul runs every sporting event through his super computer and redicts the outcome.
It's Difficult For A Defensive Player To Become MVPHoward Balzer joins MaD Radio. Howard has provided some of the best coverage of the NFL for years. We talk about the big stories from around the league.
The Mask Stays On...Even When The Lights Go OutThe legendary Rey Mysterio joins MaD Radio. From his awe-inspiring West Coast Pop to his trademark 619, the high-flying Rey Mysterio is on the cutting edge of WWE.
The Texans Now Control The AFCDane Brugler of joins MaD Radio. We get his thoughts on the Texans as we head into the bye week.
Hub Arkush: The Texans Can Be A Dominant TeamHub Arkush of joins MaD Radio. Hub stops by for his weekly visit to talk Texans and the other big stories in the NFL.
Our Offensive Line Hasn't Played Up To ParTexans center Chris Myers joins MaD Radio. We talk about the Texans-Ravens matchup and the health of the offensive line.
Texans Defense Can Still Bring PressureDaniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network and joins <a href=""><em>MaD Radio</em></a>. We get his thoughts on Texans-Ravens and the other big news from around the NFL.
A Focused Jacoby Jones Is DangerousOur buddy Glenn Younes of 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore joins <a href=""><em>MaD Radio</em></a>. We talk about the Texans-Ravens matchup.
Texans' Need Barwin To Play BetterPete Prisco of joins <a href=""><em>MaD Radio</em>.</a> Pete is one of the premier NFL writers in the world. We talk about <a href="" target="_blank">Texans-Ravens</a> and the other big news in the NFL.
Texans-Ravens Will Be A Very Close GamePaul Bessire of <a href=""><em> </em></a>joins <a href=""><em>MaD Radio</em></a>. Paul runs every game through his super computer 50,000 times. He comes on every week to give us his predictions for that weeks games.

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