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Customs and Border Protection

File photo of counterfeit jeans. (credit: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Border Agents Seize Nearly 3,000 Pairs Of Fake Jeans

Agents in South Texas have announced the seizure of about $194,000 worth of counterfeit-label jeans.


File photo of the El Paso border. (credit: Nisian Hughes/GettyImages)

Mexican Man Accused In Bomb Hoax At Border Bridge

Authorities say a 73-year-old Mexican man has been arrested for trying to enter the U.S. with an object designed to look like a bomb in an incident that led to a four-hour shutdown at a West Texas border crossing.


File photo of the Mexico border. (credit: Getty Images)

Texas Woman Barred From U.S. After She Denied Citizenship

A 20-year-old native Texan says she’s barred from re-entering the country after she denied, under grilling by the U.S. Border Patrol, that she was a U.S. citizen.


File photo of Customs and Border Patrol checking out truck. (Credit: Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)

Marijuana Seized From Truck Shipping Candles

A legitimate load meant for lighting up has yielded nearly a ton of marijuana at a West Texas border checkpoint.


File photo of marijuana. (credit: LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images)

Border Agents Confiscate Nearly Ton Of Pot Stuffed In Roofing Paper

Officers at a West Texas border crossing have confiscated nearly a ton of marijuana stuffed in more than 190 rolls of roofing paper.