Egdorf: Comcast Tried To Sabotage CSN Houston
Luhnow: Settling CSN Houston Bankruptcy Case Has Helped Astros Spend This Winter
McLane Thinks He Left Crane, Luhnow, Astros A Good Farm System; He's Wrong
Road Trip: Stayin' HomeBrien and Paul could walk this week as they're joined by David Barron of the Houston Chronicle. They get into the ins and outs of the Houston Regional Sports Network sale, discuss what programming changes may occur due to the sale, and try to help B-Straw figure out just how he might be able to watch.
Adam Wexler: Rockets Need to Lock Down ParsonsCSN Houston's Adam Wexler joins Patrick Creighton to talk about the Rockets' draft and potential free agency moves. They also discuss potential landing spots for Carmelo Anthony, and get into Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons' futures with the Rockets.
Crane: 'We Will Increase Payroll When Needed'Houston Astros owner Jim Crane joins In The Loop. We talk about the CSN Houston deal, and what owning a pro team means to him.
Astros' Crane: Comcast To Blame For CSN Bankruptcy
Best Chance For Fans To See Astros, Rockets Games Is For CSN Houston To Fail
CSN Houston Files BankruptcyThe likely-hood of the Houston Astros and possibly the Houston Rockets returning to local television for the majority of the population might be rising. The judge in the CSN Houston vs. Houston Astros case has decided to force the fledgling cable company to file chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Is Houston Astros Owner Jim Crane Selling Fans A Pipe Dream?
ATT Uverse dragging on CSN Houston deal because they're Cowboys' fans?
Could The Texans Only Keep Two Quarterbacks?James Palmer of CSN Houston joined In the Loop with Nick and Lopez and they talked about Antonio Smith and his possible suspension, all the Texans injuries, Brian Hartline speaks out on Swearinger's hit on Keller and the Texans quarterback situation.

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