Criminal Justice

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Masters Degree Opened Doors For Houston Criminal Justice Professor

Having educated professionals who are able to uphold the laws and protect the public is imperative for a high-quality, safe city.


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Houstonian Passionate About Victim Rights Seeks New A Perspective

Criminal justice is often about standing up for what is right and protecting those who cannot stand up for themselves, and that is what Rebecca Pfeffer plans to continue to do for Houston residents.


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Continuing Education Keeps Houston Campus Police Officer Abreast On The Constantly Changing Laws

As societal needs change, so does the need for law enforcement training. Police officers must be up to date on all changes in the law, as well as the constantly changing trends in policing.


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Houstonian Helps Keep Others Safe With Firearms Training Business

Helping to keep others safe and training them to protect themselves is meaningful work for Houstonian Warren McGalliard.


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Criminal Justice Degree Allows Professor To Serve The Houston Community

Often, the best way for someone to be involved with the subject they love most is to teach it to others.


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Criminal Justice Education Helps Houstonian To Go Beyond The System

Dr. Judith Harris discusses her education in criminal justice that has led to her giving back to the next generation as a professor.