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Walmart Apologizes For Printing ISIS Flag Cake After Refusing Customer’s Confederate Cake

A Louisiana Walmart is apologizing for making an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria flag cake after a customer was turned down for a Confederate flag printed cake.


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Drive-By Truckers, Lynyrd Skynyrd on the Confederate Flag’s Meaning

Lynyrd Skynyrd began phasing use of the Confederate flag a few years ago. Another Southern band, the Drive-By Truckers, agrees. “It’s well past time for all the Southern states to move on.”


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What’s Poppin? New Spider-Man

Sony and Marvel cast Tom Holland as their new Spider-Man, Howard Stern announces he won’t return to America’s Got Talent, Rick Ross gets arrested on kidnapping and assault charges, and Warner Bros is removing the […]

SportsRadio 610–06/24/2015

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Texas Group Wins Appeals Case Allowing Confederate Flag License Plates

A federal appeals court has revived a lawsuit that had been filed against officials who had rejected a group’s petition for a customized Texas license plate featuring the Confederate battle flag.


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Texas School Board Votes To Ban Confederate Flag

The Confederate flag once flew from the stands at Hays High School football games but that flag at the school may be no more.


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Flag Flap: NASCAR Nixes Watson’s ‘General Lee’ Lap

In a statement, NASCAR spokesman David Higdon says the image of the confederate flag “is not something that should play an official role in our sport as we continue to reach out to new fans and make NASCAR more inclusive.”