Astros' Springer Diagnosed With Concussion, Lands On DL
Chris Nowinski Brings Us Up To Date On the Concussion Crisis
Winston: Still a Long Way to Go on Concussion Education
3 Reasons Why FIFA Needs To Pay More Attention To ConcussionsTo many-a-fan's dismay, some players were noticeably 'out of it' and even collapsed after sustaining a head injury during play. While getting injured is something that can happen in any sport, certain protocols need to be followed to ensure player safety.
A Potential Concussion Breakthrough?Dr. Dorian McGavern joined The Triple Threat to talk about his breakthrough in head trauma treatment.
Meltsdown: Jahvid Best Is Suing The NFL?Javid Best is suing the NFL and Mike is not about that life.
Romanowski: Seattle Needs To Put Someone On A Stretcher To WinRomanowski thinks Seattle could improve their chances to win by knocking some Broncos out of the Super Bowl
Chris Nowinski Talks Concussions In The NFLChris Nowinski joined Ted Johnson and Brien Straw on Radio Row to talk about concussions and CTE research. He talked about changes the NFL has been making to help with it and things they still need to work on. Nowinski also talked about the serious problems athletes are having due to concussions and that it shows changes still need to be made.
The Frontline Fight For More Head Safety In The NFLSports agent Leigh Steinberg joined In The Loop with Nick and Lopez and they discussed his fight for more regulations in the NFL for player safety in particular concussions, his thoughts on the NFL settlement, his bout with alcohol and his path back to being a sports agent.
Authors Give Scoop On Book "League Of Denial" On Concussions In NFLAuthors Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru joined The Fred & Ted Show to discuss their new book "League of Denial" about concussions in the NFL. They talked about what brought the issue to the forefront was largely the suicide of Junior Seau. They discussed the tipping point that lead the league to take more preventative measures for concussions. They also touched on their disappointment that ESPN dropped out after first partnering with them. They said they love the game and just want to see the players better protected.
Drew Brees: I Won't Let My Sons Play Football Until They Are TeensNew Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees doesn’t want his young sons to play football just yet.
Could Football Right Now Actually Be The Safest It's Ever Been?Daniel Flynn joined The Fred & Ted Show to talk about his book "The War on Football." Flynn explores in his book why he thinks football is actually the safest that it has ever been. He says keeping younger boys from sports like football does them a large disservice because they could be learning valuable things and getting good exercise. He believes the lawyers in the concussion lawsuit are over stating things.
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