File photo of cocaine. (credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP/Getty Images)

Officer Indicted After Making Fake Police Reports To Smuggle Cocaine

A South Texas officer and another man have been indicted over what prosecutors say involved fake police reports to smuggle cocaine.


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Police Investigate How Cocaine Pack Ended Up Inside Wrapped Granola Bar

San Antonio police are investigating how a packet of cocaine ended up inside a wrapped Nature Valley granola bar.


File photo of cocaine. (credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP/Getty Images)

Police Investigator Arrested On Drug Charge

A South Texas police investigator assigned to a drug task force has been arrested in a conspiracy to traffic cocaine.


File photo of bags of cocaine. (credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP/Getty Images)

Traffic Stop Leads To The Discovery Of $1.7 Million In Cocaine

A South Texas traffic stop has led to the discovery of $1.7 million of cocaine in the fake compartment of a luxury vehicle.


File photo of bags of cocaine. (credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP/Getty Images)

Officers Find 80 Pounds Of Cocaine In Car

Officers at a South Texas checkpoint who searched a car have discovered nearly 80 pounds of cocaine worth more than $2.5 million.


File photo of bags of heroin. (Photo by - STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

Customs Finds 34 Pounds Of Heroin

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say they have seized $1.5 million worth of heroin and cocaine from a man crossing the border into Texas.


File footage of cocaine. (Photo Credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP/Getty Images)

Woman Faces Smuggling Charges After Attaching Cocaine To Thighs

A woman from Mexico faces cocaine smuggling charges after an officer at a Texas border crossing noticed one of her legs appeared larger than the other.


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Police Officer Arrested After Transporting Cocaine While Son Was In The Car

Texas authorities have jailed a Houston Police Department officer who they say transported a kilogram of cocaine while her 6-year-old son was in the car.


Video shows robber entering and leaving the 2-year-old boy's room several times. (Getty Images)

Man Dies After Swallowing Alleged Cocaine

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP)- Police say a driver in a Southeast Texas traffic stop has died after allegedly swallowing crack cocaine and refusing to spit it out. Beaumont police say the man died early Wednesday. The name of the […]


A man charged with abducting a missing University of Virginia sophomore has been captured in Texas and is awaiting extradition — but there is still no sign of the student, authorities said. (Credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

25 Suspects Arrested In Drug Case

Federal prosecutors say 25 people have been arrested on charges linked to a South Texas drug ring catering to customers in the Laredo area.