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Clark Howard: What To Do When Flights Are Overbooked

Clark tells you the best thing to do when your flight is overbooked. It turns out there may even be some money in it for you. Listen to find out what to do.

CBS Sports Radio 650–09/07/2011

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Free Way To Find Internet Libel About You

We all hate when someone talks about us on the internet. Clark tells you a free way to find out what people online are writing about you.

CBS Sports Radio 650–08/11/2011

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Dangers Of Buying A Used Car

Clark warns listeners about the dangers of buying a used car, especially now that there is a scam that would appear to be by one of the most reputable online car finders.


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Clark Howard’s Money-Saving Moment

Clark tells you which website to visit to find out if the state may be holding onto some of your money. People on our staff found some, and you could too!

CBS Sports Radio 650–08/02/2011

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Clark Howard Gives Rip-Off Alert

Clark lets people know that a certain big-name phone company is now charging a mysterious fee. It could be yours! Listen to find out which one.

CBS Sports Radio 650–07/28/2011

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Were Americans Told The Truth About The Debt?

Howard Clark gives his two cents on the debt ceiling debate.