Outdoor Show: Fri June 19

Captain Mickey gives an update on the CCA Tournament, the latest rainfall and run off and talks fresh and salt water fishing with the pros around the area. To email Leslie T at the Outdoor […]

SportsRadio 610–06/19/2015


Outdoor Show: Sat May 30

The water is still high and the rain is not done yet. But the fish are biting. Their patterns are a bit off and the Captains get the guides they trust to help you locate them.

SportsRadio 610–05/30/2015


Outdoor Show: Thurs May 14

All this rain swells the rivers, bayous and ditches. Soon it will all be rolling into the Bay. See how the pros think it will all play out. Captain Mickey talks to the guides around the region with the latest eye witness accounts of the outdoors.

SportsRadio 610–05/14/2015

outdoor show hook spit

Outdoor Show: Fri May 23

The CCA Star Tournament begins this weekend. A big fish will win you some big stuff. But you have to be entered to win. Captain Mickey tells you where to enter and the pro guides he calls this morning tell you where and how!

SportsRadio 610–05/23/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sun May 26

Open Line Fun Sunday is when the Captains opens up the phone lines to answer your questions about everything outdoors. Topics include the CCA Tournament which begins this weekend, lots of people boating and camping and fishing and some shared fishing & boat ramp stories.

SportsRadio 610–05/26/2013


Outdoor Show: Sun July 8

Captain Bennie took your calls and talked with some of the pros from around the gulf this morning. All things outdoors are fair game on Fun Sunday!

SportsRadio 610–07/08/2012


The Outdoor Show-Hour Two

Captain Mickey and Captain Benny talk to local fishing and hunting pros to get you ready for the weekend.



Outdoors Show: Thursday Aug. 11,

Another edition of the Outdoors Show graces the airways here on Sports Radio 610 as Captain Mickey talk to the Early Morning Sicko’s about guns, boats, lures and various topics outdoors.

SportsRadio 610–08/11/2011