Outdoor Show Sat April 22The Captains talk about the effect of closing Roll Over Pass, the movement of the fish and how to catch them. Talking to the pros is what we do on Saturday. Get the reports here.
Outdoor Show: Sat April 15
Outdoor Show: Sun Nov 27Open Line Fun Sunday...anything Outdoors goes!
Outdoor Show: Thur Oct. 1It's open squirrel season, or "tree rat" season according to Captain Mickey, so get your guns and have at it!
Outdoor Show: Thurs. Aug 20thGood morning and welcome to the Outdoor Show! Captain Mickey talks to the pros who know all about the highs and lows of fishing in the lakes and bayous. Grab a cup of joe and enjoy!
Outdoor Show: Sun March 15Open Line Fun Sunday with Captain Mickey began with talk of Captain Mickey's nephew, Shawn Stefani, and his golf story, the upcoming Speck Masters fishing tournament, and several tips for success for the best lines to use for fishing.
Outdoor Show: Friday Feb. 20thCaptain Mickey on this wonderful Friday was joined by the always energetic guests talking trout fishing, choices for bait, and weathering the cold to catch the fish you want.
Outdoors Show: Nov. 03, ThursdayCaptain Mickey talks fish, guns, boats, lures and all topics outdoors.
Outdoors show: Sunday Oct. 16
Ninja-Like Game For The Texans' Newest CaptainWhen the list of captains was released on the Friday before the home opener against the division rival Indianapolis Colts, you expected to see names like Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and DeMeco Ryans.
Outdoors Show: Aug. 4, ThursdayCaptain Mickey and some of his friends give you the inside scoop on the area’s salt/fresh water conditions on Thursday morning.
Outdoors Show: Thursday, Jun. 23Listen as Captain Mickey hears reports from area guides, gives the weather conditions, & answers your questions.

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