Outdoor Show: Friday September 22
Outdoor Show: Thursday Sept 21
Outdoor Show: Sun Sept 17Amazing morning of information from TP&W on Galveston Bay. In studio guests take calls on fish limits and the environment.
Outdoor Show: Sat Sept 16Teal hunters are out there and fishing is picking up!
Outdoor Show: Fri Sept 15
Outdoor Show: Thurs Sept 14The guides are still checking the water and the fishing spots for you. Captain Mickey get the latest again this morning.
Outdoor Show: Sun Sept 10Open Line Fun Sunday! Plus Wade Bullard from Hook Spit and Colton Murante, junior angler champ, joined the Captains in the studio.
Outdoor Show: Sat Sept 9
Outdoor Show: Fri Sept 8Live bait is almost impossible to find but there is fishing to be done. Find out how and where this morning.
Outdoor Show: Thurs Sept 7Fishing will change as the water continues to dump into the Bays. Captain Mickey talks about this with the pros.
Outdoor Show: Sun Sept 3Full house this morning on Open Line Fun Sunday.
Outdoor Show: Sat Sept 2There is some fishing going on and hunting season is getting close!

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