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Captain Benny

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Outdoor Show: Sun Dec 29

Another front moving our way and Captain Bennie makes sure you get the scoop on how that may effect fishing. Along with our usual Fun Sunday sickos the pro guides give you their expert advice on hunting and fishing.

SportsRadio 610–12/29/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sat Dec 28

Hunting takes center stage on the show this morning. Captain Bennie discusses hog, deer, sandhill crane and duck hunting with pro guides around the area. Advice on hiring a guide and what to bring on your hunting trip along with some good South Texas fishing tips from a few guides still on the water this time of year.

SportsRadio 610–12/28/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sun Dec 22

Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie welcomed the big wigs from Hook Spit rods. This League City company is producing some amazing rods that the Captains are using. There’s plenty of talk about the proper rod, bait, place to fish and of course some hunting too.

SportsRadio 610–12/22/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sat Dec 21

The front moves through as the show is on the air. So the Captains get reports from north to south on hunting and fishing and how the change in the weather is effecting your outdoor trip this weekend.

SportsRadio 610–12/21/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sat Dec 14

Second split opens today in much of Texas. The fog will effect it early but there should be ducks moving around today. Find out how the pros are hunting and fishing in this wet and cold weather here on the Outdoor Show with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie.

SportsRadio 610–12/14/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sun Dec 8

The Captains swing open the phones for all things outdoor related! Talk this morning included flounder, trout release, ammo, hog hunting, gloves for cold weather fishing and lots of hunting and fishing stories.

SportsRadio 610–12/08/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sat Dec 7

The Captains remember Pearl Harbor Day and discuss the great outdoors with pro guides around the area. Whether you are hunting for exotics, thinking about fishing this weekend or worried about the changes in limits we’ve got you covered on the Outdoor Show.

SportsRadio 610–12/07/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sun Dec 1

Open line fun Sunday brings the sickos out in force! The Captains talk mosquitos at the deer lease, duck hunting, new guns, waders and of course fishing with outdoorsmen and women from around the area.

SportsRadio 610–12/01/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sat Nov 30

The duck season split is here. The Captains tell you about that change and talk with their pro guide friends from Arkansas to Port Aransas. There’s plenty to do in the outdoors this weekend and the Outdoor Show makes sure you get the most out of your trip.

SportsRadio 610–11/30/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sun Nov 24

Open Line Fun Sunday with the Captains makes for a great way to start the day! Fish limits are the hot topic this morning AND the rat living in the cab of Mickey’s truck. Plus they answer questions on anchor ropes, old reels, deer conservation, fisheries and delve into the TPW commissioners qualifications. You might be surprised who’s setting your outdoor rules.

SportsRadio 610–11/24/2013