Murphy: The Rockets Need To Turn Dwight Howard Loose And See Where He Is AtHall Of Famer Calvin Murphy Joined 'In The Loop' And Discussed Tonight's Upcoming Game Against The Spurs
Calvin Murphy : The Rockets Need To Go To The Conference Finals For This Season To Be Considered A SuccessCalvin Murphy Joined 'In The Loop' And Shared His Thoughts On James Harden's MVP Chances, And How Far The Rockets Can Go In The Playoffs
Calvin Murphy Says A Rockets Championship Will Depend On HowardCalvin Murphy Says A Rockets Championship Will Depend On Howard
Murphy: 'Rockets Are Better Than Thunder In The Playoffs'Rockets All-Time great Calvin Murphy joins 'In The Loop' We talk about the Rockets chances in the first round of the NBA playoffs.
Murphy: 'James Harden Most Talented Rocket'Rockets all-time great Calvin Murphy joins In The Loop. Calvin tells us who he thinks is the most important player the Rockets. It isn't the who thinks is the most talented.
Murphy Gives Keys for Rockets Success This Season
Houston And Howard A Mutually Beneficial DecisionDwight Howard teamed with James Harden and the Rockets give each other the best chance for an NBA championship according to experts.
Calvin Murphy: 'Rockets Finally Have Legit Superstar'The Greatest of All Tiiime", Calvin Murphy, joined Nate and Patrick this weekend to discuss why Dwight Howard picked Houston and many other topics.
No Job Is Beneath MeCalvin Murphy talks about how good the West playoffs will be.
Calvin Murphy Is The Black FonzieJosh and Rich feel like Murph is family, and this interview is like a reunion!
Calvin Murphy Remembers His All Star Game ExperienceFriend of the show Calvin Murphy joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em></a>. Calvin is one of our favorite people in the entire world.
Murphy-'Rockets Still Need A Big Man'Rockets legend Calvin Murphy joins J&R. Murph gives his thoughts on the Rockets at this point in the season.

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