Was Bounty Gate A Distraction Technique ? Former NFLer Kyle Turley joins<em> <a href="http://houston.cbslocal.com/show/mad-radio/">MaD Radio</a> </em>and talks about the need for an independent doctor for NFL players and what the NFL's motivation could have been for bounty gate.
Can Colin Kaepernick Succeed Long Term Without The Pistol Offense?Hub Arkush joins MaD Radio for his weekly hit and they break down some of the key players and strategies that will play out in the Super Bowl.
Mike Has a Meltsdown Over Drew BreesListen to Mike Meltsdown over the Drew Brees comments about the Bounty Gate Scandal.
Saints Backup QB Says Williams Audio Not Easy To HearChase Daniel is keeping his options open when he becomes a free agent.
Violence Is What Attracts Fans To Football
Saints Getting Caught Up In 'Bounty Gate' LiesJason Cole from Yahoo Sports joined Dan and Barry to discuss the Saints Bounty Gate situation, the appeals hearings results, and discussed his take on the Texans and Matt Schaub.
How Matt Schaub's Health Impacts Texans Super Bowl ChancesClark Judge of CBSsports.com joins MaD Radio to discuss bounty gate, the free agents with the Texans, what the Texans need to do to become a Super Bowl contender, and the NFL in general including developments on bounty gate.
NFLPA's Outside Counsel's Findings On 'Bounty Investigation'The conduct of the Commissioner [Roger Goodell] and his representatives has undermined the fundamental process contemplated by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Through this abuse, these players have been denied any semblance of due process and fairness.
Andrew Siciliano: The Saints Need Drew BreesAndrew Siciliano of the NFL Network and NFL RedZone channel joins Paul and Fred to talk about the Saints' Bounty-gate situation and its aftermath.
McClain on Baylor, the NFL Draft, and Bounty-GateThe General joins Dan and Barry to talk Baylor basketball, the NFL Draft, and Bounty-gate.
DeMeco's Attitude Makes Him ValuableIke Reese, formerly of the Eagles, joins Mike Meltser, Barry Warner, and ND Kalu to talk about the DeMeco Ryans trade and the impact that he will have in Philadelphia.
Sean Payton Has A Way Of Manipulating WordsSaints broadcaster Hokie Gajan joins MaD Radio. We talk about the punishment that the NFL handed down to the New Orleans Saints.

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