The Best of The Triple Threat 08-19-2016The Best of The Triple Threat, from Friday 08-19-2016
Triple Threat with Former NFL QB Bobby HebertSean, Rich & Ted talk to former NFL quarterback Bobby Hebert about the Texans vs. Saints game.
Bobby Hebert Goes All X-Files On You
Bobby Hebert: Texans Are Team To Beat In AFC Next SeasonBobby Hebert, the former Saints' QB, discusses LSU's gameplan going into the National Championship game and where the Super Bowl should be held each year.
Saints New Greatest Show On TurfThe Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert joins MaD Radio. We talk about Saints-Niners, and Bobby shares his feelings on Les Miles and the loss to Alabama. Followed by The Melts Down. Mike was upset with Bobby and let it all out on air.
Hebert: Texans Victory Would Not Be Shocking Bobby Hebert, the Saints' Hall of Famer, gives his opinion on the Texans and prediction for the game.
Video: Bobby Hebert's Press Box Etiquette Bobby Hebert goes crazy in the press box.

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