Worsening Eye Infection Forces Bob Costas Off Olympic Prime TimeBroadcaster Bob Costas's eye infection is keeping him on the bench at the Winter Olympics.
TTYM: Watch NBA Players Read 'Mean Tweets' About Themselves And The Dumbest Quote By An Athlete Ever?
Video: Bob Costas Angry At Mets CelebrationMike Meltser links to a video of NBC Broadcaster Bob Costas sharing his displeasure at the Mets celebrating a win against the Cubs
Video: Bob Costas Channels Ludacris
Opinion: Bob Costas, Nobody Cares What You Think AnywayThanks to Bob Costas following the Jovan Belcher tragedy, it's apparent that there is no occasion in which a liberal-minded high-profile personality in society thinks that their opinion is unwelcome.
Costas: "Odd That Tebow Is So Polarizing"Jim Gray caught up with sportscaster Bob Costas prior to Monday Night Football.
Meltser's Dad Hates Bob Costas In RussianMike Meltser's Dad dropped by the studio with Vandermeer and Lopez

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