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Outdoor Show: Sat March 23

Saturday mornings the Captain’s call the most trusted pro guides around the Gulf coast for weather, fishing and news updates. From drug smuggling along the south Texas border to lead lures in the oyster beds to weather fronts and fuel prices they cover it all on the Sports Radio OUtdoor Show!

SportsRadio 610–03/23/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sat March 2

Captain Mickey and Captain Benny talk a little fishin’, a little huntin’ and a lot of cooking this morning. Seems everyone has their favorite sausage, catfish recipe or gravy. You never know what part of the outdoors they’ll discuss with the pros around the area. And don’t forget tomorrow is Open Line Fun Sunday!

SportsRadio 610–03/02/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sun Feb 3

Open line fun Sunday! The Captains take calls from Sports Radio 610 listeners about all things outdoor related. Any questions concerning hunting, fishing, shooting, snake bites, party barges – plus a few fishing tall tales – get discussed every Sunday.

SportsRadio 610–02/03/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sun Jan 6

Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie open the phone lines on Fun Sunday. Anything outdoor related gets discussed, disected and filleted each Sunday. Along with answering questions about lures, reels, duck hunting and exploding shotguns this morning we even throw in some boat show stories and Texans talk.

SportsRadio 610–01/06/2013

outdoor show 2

Outdoor Show: Sun Nov 18

The Captains take your calls on Open Line Fun Sunday. If you want to talk duck hunting, boat safety and all things outdoors THIS is where you can call in and talk to the experts.

SportsRadio 610–11/18/2012


Outdoor Show: Sat Oct 20

Movie stars and cleaning fish…only on the Sports Radio 610 Outdoors Show with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie. Burton Gilliam who you may know from Blazing Saddles, Thunderbolt and Lightning or Paper Moon came on the show to talk about the Houston Gun Collectors Show and of course the Captains talked with all their fishing pro friends around the region about the conditions to help you go fishing!

SportsRadio 610–10/20/2012


Outdoor Show: Sun Oct 14

This morning on the Outdoor Show it’s open line Fun Sunday. The Captains take your calls about all things outdoors. This morning they covered everything from concealed handguns and pistols to fuel lines for your boat to wade fishing and dove season.

SportsRadio 610–10/14/2012


Outdoors Show: Sunday, July 29

Open Line Fun Sunday! The Captains take your calls on all things outdoor related. This morning they spend some time talking boat care and motors as well as where and how to catch your limit.

SportsRadio 610–07/29/2012


Outdoor Show: Sat July 28

Captain Benny is back with Captain Mickey today! He’s got stories of his vacation and is ready to hear stories of fishing from pro guides around the Gulf Coast.

SportsRadio 610–07/28/2012


Outdoors Show: Saturday, June 16

Get fishing reports from the pros around the Gulf Coast every Saturday morning. The Captains make sure you have the info you need for your Father’s Day fishing trip!

SportsRadio 610–06/16/2012