Bill Romanowski Brags Rings With the Triple ThreatBill Romanowski has more rings than Teddy Three Rings! The joke about that and talk old times on Radio Row with the Triple Threat.
Bill Romanowski Brags He Has More Rings Than Ted
The 5 Dirtiest Players In Football HistoryHere is a list of the dirtiest players of football history.
Bill Romanowski Talks Changes In The NFL With Ted And BrienBill Romanowski joined Ted Johnson and Brien Straw on Radio Row. He talked about how it has changed to play in the NFL over the years. He says though the rule changes might mean more penalties that might not be a bad thing.
Romanowski: Seattle Needs To Put Someone On A Stretcher To WinRomanowski thinks Seattle could improve their chances to win by knocking some Broncos out of the Super Bowl
Romanowski On MaD Radio: You've Got To Hit ManningWild man, Bill Romanowski, joined MaD Radio to talk about the 49ers loss to the Seahawks, how he could help Navarro Bowman heal from his brutal knee injury, and how losing a big game can inspire you to achieve greater things.
Bill Romanowski Talks HGH Testing Along With Free AgencyBill Romanowski talks about NFL HGH testing and what the league and players should do about it.
Romanowski 'Texans Should Knock Someone Out'Former NFL great Bill Romanowski joins J&R to talk NFL Playoffs. Romo thinks the Texans should knock someone out, and knock them out early.
Peyton Manning Setting Self Up for FailureLegendary NFL player Bill Romanowski joins MaD Radio. We talk about the Texans-Broncos, as well as the top stories in the NFL.
Ronnie Lott Put A Bounty On Phil SimmsBill Romanowski joins J&R to talk about the allegations that Cris Carter made about Romanowski threatening him.
Romanowski: I Gave My Body To The NFLBill Romanowski joined J&R to talk about Junior Seau, how the game impacted him, and the long term impact of playing the game he loved.
Romanowski: Texans' Defense Has Killer Instinct Bill Romanowski, the 4x Super Bowl champion, gives his opinion on the Texans' defense under Wade Phillips.

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