Bayou City Art Festival

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Top Spring 2015 Art Events In Houston

Don’t miss out on these art events this spring!



Best Places To Buy Local Art For Less Than $100 In Houston

Many people have bare spaces in their living rooms, offices and kitchens simply because they’re intimidated by the cost of art and don’t know how to pick what’s right for them. Houston, with its wide variety of galleries, can sometimes be overwhelming in the amount of quality art it presents to the public. These festivals, stores and galleries, however, make buying local art on a budget a worthwhile experience.



Best Art Fairs In Houston

With a thriving Museum District, Houston offers at least 12 art museums and roughly 60 galleries. Houston is clearly a great city for both artists and art lovers alike. Although you’re unlikely to get bored with the city’s museum and gallery offerings, an art fair is a great way to mix things up. Whether you’re a collector or just an appreciator of the arts, the best art fairs in Houston are a great way to spend an afternoon.