The Outdoors Show: Friday Feb. 1st, 2013
Outdoors Show: Thursday Dec, 6
Antonio Smith: Feels Good To Be 7-3 As Texan
Owen Daniels, Do The Texans Have Swagger?
Is Texans QB Matt Schaub Injured?
Bum Phillips Is A Happy Pappy
Schaub: No Win Is Easy (But That Wasn't?)
Texans Player Profile: Brian Cushing
Packers' McKenzie Previews NFL DraftAfter celebrating a Super Bowl win, Packers' Reggie McKenzie must now consider a potential lockout.
The Outdoor Show 2-26-11The Captains get great fishing and hunting reports from local guides, answer your outdoor related questions and discuss the up coming fishing show! So grab a cup Houston, because this is The Outdoor Show!
The Outdoor Show 2-18-11Captain Mickey gets great fishing reports from expert fishing guides and answers your questions and comments here on The Outdoor Show!
The Outdoor Show 2-6-11Open line fun Sunday, the Captains talk to fishing guides and answer your outdoor questions and concerns. This is Houston's best Outdoor radio show so grab a cup and listen up!

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