Outdoor Show: Sat July 25Lots of tournaments around the area today. Pros give Captain Bennie their advice on winning those or just catching your limit on a bust weekend on the water.
Outdoor Show: Thurs June 4Now that the rain has stopped for a while, the run off and quality of the water is a concern. Get the latest from the guides Captain Mickey trusts.
Outdoor Show: Thurs March 6Captain Mickey is joined in studio by Will Kirkpatrick this morning. Will stops in every year during the fishing show to discuss the latest tackle and news from the show. We also call local pro guides around the region for fishing reports and water information.
Outdoor Show: Thursday Sept 26Fishing has been great since the rains last week. Captain Mickey gets the first hand reports from guides around the Gulf. Fresh or salt water, whichever fishing you plan to do, you'll get the most out of your trip with help from the Outdoor Show on Sports Radio 610.
Texas Fishing Tourney Director Charged With Theft The director of an East Texas bass fishing tournament has been charged with theft after cash prizes allegedly were not paid.
Outdoors Show: Sun April 21
Outdoors Show: Saturday, Oct. 6th
Outdoors Show: Friday, Feb. 24Captain Mickey talks with his friends about a variety of topics including good places to fish around Texas, lake conservation, and lures and reels.
Outdoors Show: Sat Jan 21Wonder what the stuff is inside your fish? The Captains cover that early this morning. They also discuss hunting dogs, water tempurature and how it effects your fishing trip and crane hunting!
Outdoors Show: Thursday, Jan. 19Captain Micky talks with his friends about a variety of outdoor topics such as fishing, hunting, rods, and guns.
Outdoors Show: Jan. 05, Thursday
Outdoors Show: Saturday Dec 3The Captains get into the discussion about new proposed state regulations on motor boats this morning...and keep up on hunting and fishing around the Gulf Coast with pros from the region.

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