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What Should We Do With The Astrodome?

Ryan Slattery, of Gray2Green.org, joins MaD Radio to discuss some of the possibilities for the Astrodome.

SportsRadio 610–06/05/2013

A general view of the Astrodome. (credit: Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images)

The Dome Must Be Saved

Jere Longman, from the New York Times, joins MaD Radio to discuss if the Astrodome should be torn down.

SportsRadio 610–05/31/2013

You buying “ahead of schedule” hype? Nick is. Plus why Keenum won’t be named back up, Vandy & 18-game sked!

600- Crabtree tore his ACL! great success for my bet… But, more importantly, the 49ers are saying he’s not done for the year… So, are we writing off Devier Posey too early? He wasn’t wearing […]


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Deadline On Astrodome Looming

A deadline regarding the future of the eighth wonder of the world is looming with a decision coming as early as next month.


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Emmett: ‘Astrodome Will Be Torn Down Or Renovated By Super Bowl’

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett joined In The Loop with Nick and Lopez and they talked about the future of the Astrodome.


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The Astrodome Issue Dodged Again

Janis Schmees Burke of the Harris County Sports Authority joined In The Loop with Nick an Lopez and they talked about the Super Bowl coming to Houston in 2017, what needs to be done between now and 2017 and who is responsible for the Astrodome?


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Jeremy Lin Season Opens; Super Bowl Coming To Houston?

600- Rockets season comes to a close… I say it was a resounding success… Disappointing final game—but don’t discount the loss of Delfino—and overall, a team that Vegas said would win around 36, ended up […]


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No Movement In Future Of Houston Astrodome

The dilemma of the deteriorating Houston Astrodome remains unresolved with the passing of a deadline to put a bond referendum before voters in May.


Beyonce’s sweet, supple… um, sounds. Tough task re. Texans-Ravens? And Johnny F’n Football serious Heisman leader?

600- No excuse to lose to the Ravens this week… And if you care about national perception, you BETTER not lose this game… 615- HEADLINES 630- TOP 3… Have you seen these Jeremy Lin tickets? […]


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Schmees: Bringing A College Playoff Game To Houston A Priority

Janis Schmees Executive Director of Harris County Houston Sports Authority joined In The Loop with Nick and Lopez and they discussed the possibility of a college football playoff to Houston and the future of the Astrodome.