Andrew Bynum

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First: There Are Concerns About Dwight Howard’s Shoulder

Dr. Kenneth First joined In The Loop with Nick and Lopez and they discussed Dwight Howard’s injury history, Andrew Bynum and will Ed Reed play Week one?


TTYM: Boy Invites Kate Upton To The Prom, Tiger’s A Hypocrite? And A Very Tom Brady Easter

Kate Upton mulls over a high school prom proposition, Philly Fans give Andrew Bynum the boot – in a very classy way of course – my take on the worst kept secret in sports and […]


Andrew Bynum is ejected from play after elbowing J.J. Barea. (credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Dr. First: Stay Away From Andrew Bynum

Dr. Kenneth First joined In The Loop with Nick and Lopez and they talked about Andrew Bynum, Dwight Howard, Roger Goodell’s fear of someone dying on the field and youth safety for Little League.


Who’s statue-worthy? Rockets limited to damaged goods? Plus The General fresh from the combine.

600- Best of A Woj from Tuesday… He thinks Bynum is the bigger injury risk AND doesn’t seem to think he’ll get max money… 615- HEADLINES 630- Top 3… 645- So what is ACTUALLY going […]


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Howard Should Know That Rockets Are Serious About Winning

Gerry Vaillancourt joins J&R. Gerry V has been covering the NBA for over 20 years. He gives his thoughts on the Rockets going after Andrew Bynum or Dwight Howard.



Will Andrew Bynum Be A Rocket?

Howard Eskin has reported that the Rockets will offer a contract to Andrew Bynum in the offseason. Eskin would love to have the Rockets sign Bynum because he wants NO PART of him staying in Philly.

SportsRadio 610–02/26/2013

TTYM: Bynum’s Braids, Tebow’s About Face Or Two-Faced?

One “hairy” press conference with Andew Bynum, an unbelievable hole-in-one caught on video, Darrelle Revis gets what he wants, um, sort of and is Tim Tebow finally starting to get it?  Those stories and more in […]


Chicago Bulls v Orlando Magic

Rockets Still Have Shot At Howard Or Bynum

Chris Broussard joined J&R to talk about the addition of Omer Asik to the Rockets, if the Rockets still have a shot at Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum, will Howard be more valuable if traded […]

SportsRadio 610–07/24/2012

Omer Asik (credit: Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

Omer Asik: The New-Look Rocket

Sam Smith joined J&R to talk about Omer Asik as a player and explains how Chicago will miss him.

SportsRadio 610–07/24/2012

Bill Baptist 11

Helin Happy With Rockets Right Now

Kurt Helin of joins Fred and Nate here on SportsRadio 610 to talk about the Houston Rockets’ offseason, the Summer League play of Donatas Motiejunas, Daryl Morey’s moves and the run for Dwight Howard. Mobile users […]

SportsRadio 610–07/22/2012