Albert Breer

Does Ryan Mallett Have The Leadership Qualities To Lead Texans?Albert Breer of NFL Network joined Mad Radio and they talked about the Houston Texans QB mess, can the Texans succeed with Mallett, will O'Brien regret not drafting a QB high in 2014?
NFL Owners United Behind Goodell...For Now
How Do You Find The Right Quarterback To Lead Your Team?Albert Breer from NFL Network joined Mad Radio and they talked about the Ryan Mallett trade, what is the right formula to find the right quarterback, what is the number one trait Bill O'Brien looks for in a QB and how the Seahawks found the right QB.
Could J-Joe Get Cut?
Things Could Be Much Worse For AntonioAlbert Breer joins MaD Radio to discuss the Antonio Smith suspension and the concept of trying to tackle as a defender in the NFL today.
Breer: 'There Isn't A Big Time Receiver In This Draft'Albert Breer of the NFL Network joins <a href=""><em>J&R</em>. </a>We get Albert's insight into the draft. We get his thoughts on the Texans and what they need to do.
It's Super Bowl Or Bust For TexansAlbert Breer of the NFL Network joins MaD Radio from Texans training camp. Breer thinks that with this roster this is the Texans year.
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