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Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Yuletide Drive!  Together you, the Sports Radio 610 listener, helped raise over $75,000 for Miracle League Houston!  Word is out about this great cause and we’re going to build that park!  You can still donate and learn more about how you can be a volunteer by clicking HERE. 

It’s the SportsRadio 610 Yuletide Drive to benefit the Miracle League of Houston!

Children with special needs have historically been excluded from participating in sports due to the lack of appropriate facilities. The Miracle League Sports Complex is specifically designed to enable special needs children to participate in team sports including baseball, soccer, football, kickball and field day games. In addition to enabling all special needs children to play in the Miracle League, all children can play on the playground – regardless of whether they are members of the YMCA.

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Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play SPORTS

New Facilities


The program serves children with a wide range of needs in the Houston community.   In order to grow the number of players, expand the program into new sports, and provide facilities designed for children with special needs, Langham Creek Family YMCA is building a Miracle League Sports Complex. At present, the Miracle League is playing on one temporary turf field. Due to rain, many games are cancelled or re-scheduled to give the field time to dry out as it is too wet to allow for wheelchairs and walkers to maneuver. The porous design of the new proposed field prevents puddles from forming on the surface and conforms to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and ASTM F-1951-99 Determination of Playground Surface Accessibility.

The new facility is especially designed and constructed for special needs individuals and includes:

  • Baseball/Softball Field and Multipurpose Field which is specially equipped, custom designed field with a cushioned synthetic turf that allows players utilizing wheel chairs and walkers to glide unrestricted without fear of injury. This field creates a level playing field where players with disabilities can hit, run, catch and play ball!
  • Playground with equipment including special swings that include harnesses or a wheelchair deck instead of a traditional seat. Other playground activities can be modified with special supports to enable children with mild disabilities to

play and enjoy the equipment unlike they would at a typical park playground.  It will provide sensory related items as well as ramps for wheelchairs and low activities.

  • Pavilion that includes a covered area for play and rest, modified basketball hoops, restrooms, concession areas and a privacy suite, which is a combination restroom/first aid area where people with and without disabilities can deal with issues best handled in a private setting.

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