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The Outdoors Show

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Outdoor Show: Fri Feb 7

Learn something about the great outdoors on each Outdoor Show. This morning besides the usual reports from pros around the area on the water, fish and weather Captain Mickey goes over how TPW designates fish as sports fish and goes over the TPW fish limits again.

SportsRadio 610–02/07/2014

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Outdoor Show: Thurs Feb 6

The weather is just crazy. Another cold front is coming and the water will get colder and the fish will change patterns again. Catch ‘em anyway with advice and reports from the pros Captain Mickey trusts.

SportsRadio 610–02/06/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sun Feb 2

Name your favorite pistol, your rifle of choice or your dream gun purchase. The early morning sickos discuss this, the antique tackle show coming up, slime removal and all things outdoors today. Put on your shock collar it’s open line fun Sunday with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie.

SportsRadio 610–02/02/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sat Feb 1

The new fish limits are still a hot topic among the pros in the area. The Captains discuss this and how the current conditions effect your fishing this weekend. Hour 1 Mobile device users may [...]

SportsRadio 610–02/01/2014

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Outdoor Show: Fri Jan 31

The air temp is rising but the water is still cold. Captain Mickey asks the pros how the fishing has been and how this crazy weather will effect your fishing this weekend. Fish limits take center stage with several of our conversations too. Don’t forget the rebroadcast of the 4 and 5am hours start this weekend on our sister station CBS Sports 650 at 7am.

SportsRadio 610–01/31/2014

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Outdoor Show: Thurs Jan 30

Now cold weather, then warm weather, then a new moon and the water is really cold! Find out if the fish are biting and where with Captain Mickey and his pro guides from around the region.

SportsRadio 610–01/30/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sun Jan 26

Open line fun Sunday has arrived and the Captains talk to early morning sickos about most everything outdoors. There’s horror stories of hunting in Mexico, the great fishing coming up in February, carrying pickle jars in the truck for emergencies, the last day of duck season and recovery time from surgery for your hunting dog.

SportsRadio 610–01/26/2014

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Outdoor Show: Sat Jan 25

Duck season ends Sunday at sundown. So the Captains get the last reports from the pros. They talk a lot about the cold weather and how it is effecting fishing now and once the cold snap moves on. Get the latest info to make your outdoor adventure successful with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie and the pros they trust.

SportsRadio 610–01/25/2014


Outdoors Show: Fri Jan 24

Captain Mickey braves the icy winter hazards to bring you the fishing reports you need if your going to brave the weather. Chances are you wont brave the weather today so today we got updates [...]

SportsRadio 610–01/24/2014

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Outdoor Show: Thurs Jan 23

The weather is changing again this week and the cold and windy weather means the fishing will change. Captain Mickey gets details from the pros on how. Plus there’s talk on Spring fishing…which we are looking forward too after this cold winter and we go on a crane hunt with Will Granberry.

SportsRadio 610–01/23/2014