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The Best Of Mad Radio 2-2

Today on Mad Radio: Wrapping up Radio Row in Minnesota, kissing your kid on the lips, 39 keys to the Super Bowl, Doug Flutie, Todd McShay, Boomer Esiason, Greg Cosell and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 2-1

Today on Mad Radio: Day 4 LIVE from Radio Row, revisiting Deshaun Watson on Mad Radio Vol. 2, looking back on day three, Daryl Johnston, McClain is mad at Mad, Miss America, Super Bowl hype and allowing a co-worker five minutes to shine in his comfort zone.


The Best Of Mad Radio 1-31

Today on Mad Radio: A blockbuster trade, a record-setting night for James Harden, Seth Payne’s former teammate Tony Boselli, Ryan Leaf, Terrell Davis, Matt Birk and more LIVE from SportsRadio 610 Radio Row.


The Best Of Mad Radio 1-30

Today on Mad Radio: The most forced Houston local storylines of Super Bowl 52, Peter King on Mike Vrabel, Sage Rosenfels on the Texans and what to do in Minnesota, a big trade in the NBA, Jermichael Finley and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 1-29

Today on Mad Radio: LIVE from Radio Row at Mall Of America in Minneapolis, Deshaun Watson speaks, overblown storylines, a pulse of the locals on Keenum, Mad Takes gone mad, Mike’s fears and more.


Aqib Talib #21 of the Denver Broncos celebrates a defensive stop against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Landry Locker Room Nugs Jan. 27, 2018: Fanbases, RIP Boogie, Yearly Butt-Kickings, Patriots Hate, Bad Internet And Talib, Yes Please!

Landry Locker’s takes from stuff going on around the world of sports, entertainment and who knows whatever the heck else. The Landry Locker Room Jan. 27, 2018. Listen to MaD Radio on SportsRadio 610 M-F from 6-10am.


The Best Of Mad Radio 1-26

Today on Mad Radio: The first time Mad Radio met Deshaun, what we’d be saying if the Texans didn’t have Deshaun and had the No. 4 pick, another football league, under the radar moves, Worst Take Of The Week, Wade Smith and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 1-25

Today on Mad Radio: Should the Texans sign Aquib Talib if he hits the market despite the unwillingness to roll the dice on character in the past? Marc Vandermeer answers all of the burning questions of the offseason during his weekly visit, a conspiracy theory about LeBron, never-ending debates, Deshaun Watson’s favorite memory from 2017 and more. Plus, what’s the best Texans team ever?


The Best Of Mad Radio 1-24

Today on Mad Radio: Romeo Crenell hopes calling a defense is like riding a bike, the Astros impending title defense, Ask McClain Anything, McClain defends Mike Vrabel, shots fired at Houston fans, Tom Brady family drama and more.


The Best of Mad Radio 1-22-18

Mike and Seth reacts to Patriots win against the Jags   Mike and Seth reacts to Tom Brady cursing during a interview and Eagles win over Vikings   Vince Wilfork tweeted: Congratulations @CoachVrabel50 so deserving Texans just lost the Best coach they had!   Mike and Seth talk more Vrabel coaching and What does Sunday’s game […]


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