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The Best Of MaD Radio 3-13

Today On MaD Radio: Tony Romo role play, the latest on Brock vs B.O.B. getting physical, the Rockets get a big win and the NCAA Tournament field has been set.


The Best Of MaD Radio 3-10

Today on MaD Radio: Reaction to Brock Osweiler being traded, Tony Romo’s status, Andre Ware discusses why Osweiler didn’t work in Houston, a visit to Cleveland for their reaction and listeners weigh in.


The Best Of MaD Radio 3-9

Today On MaD Radio: Bye Bye Bouye, Hello Romo?, a free agent frenzy, Brock’s turnaround, Marc Vandermeer


The Best Of MaD Radio 3-8

Today on MaD Radio: An hour with Owen Daniels on everything from his career, why he wouldn’t sign Tony Romo, Arian Foster fighting wolves, Gary Kubiak and more. Plus, John McClain in-studio, the latest on free agency and more.


The Best Of MaD Radio 3-7

Today On MaD Radio: Did Harden lose the MVP to Kawhi last night? A trip down Texans memory lane, a dumb proposed solution for the Texans. Plus, an interesting use of the race card by an NFL Hall Of Famer and a lot more.


The Best Of MaD Radio 3-6

Today on MaD Radio: There’s a lot of noise coming out of the combine,, Mark Cuban praises James Harden, Mike gets in trouble with his female friends and can Arian Foster beat up a wolf?


The Best Of MaD Radio 3-2

Today on MaD Radio: Bill O’Brien speaks, the Rockets react to MDT’s heartless claims, Gallant continues to blab, Screw Em and a debate about whether or not it’s ok to date your brother’s widow.


The Best Of MaD Radio 3-1

Today on MaD Radio: NFL Offseason activity is heavy, Reaction to a piece about the changes James Harden has made, John McClain LIVE from the Combine, Kubiak to Texas A&M, the war with Gallant continues and more.


The Best Of MaD Radio 2-28

Darren McKee provides the show with some interesting information regarding Gary Kubiak and Tony Romo, MDT calls the Rockets soft, Trump eats his steak with ketchup and more.


The Best Of MaD Radio 2-27

MaD Radio goes inside the mind of Tony Romo and pitches him on Houston>Denver, reacts to the Oscars chaos and a conspiracy theory,


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