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Hillary Clinton's team uses unusual method to keep media away from candidate during New Hampshire parade: a lasso
The former Florida governor tells reporters in New Hampshire that Donald Trump isn't "a stupid guy," and that the business mogul is just "doing this to inflame and to incite"
The 2016 GOP candidate says that his presidential run has been "bad for my brand"
The president shares his gratitude for those who keep America's founding principles alive -- and also gives a shout out to the U.S. Women's National Team playing in Sunday's World Cup Final
Republican Party attacks Democrats for "playing political games" over national security
Over the Independence Day weekend, the Republican party pushes for a bill providing funds to the Pentagon
The Iranian foreign minister called on parties to close on a deal and join together to fight "violent extremism and barbarism"
The two Republican 2016 candidates are in New Hampshire for the July 4th holiday and will be spending Friday night at the Romney lake house
The president had wanted the Education Department to produce a college ratings system based on value and affordability, and he had set a date in 2015 for rolling it out
His vote against the Iraq war makes sense to them, but his push to switch to the metric system does not