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Sec. Kerry and Iran FM Zarif are meeting in NYC just as Congress weighs whether to give itself power to scuttle the deal

Baltimore under siege

The streets of Baltimore turn violent as Freddie Gray is laid to rest, and protesters clash with police in riot gear
After a months-long confirmation process, Lynch gets sworn in as the nation's top law enforcement official
87-year-old Barbara O'Malley has led a life in politics dedicated to serving her country
The presidential candidate says that "there is a valuable use for drones"
The former Maryland governor and potential presidential candidate's 87-year-old mother answers Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski's phones. CBS News talked with both O'Malleys
The former president criticized his successor for his handling of the Iran nuclear deal and ISIS
Jeb Bush, a powerful fundraiser, thinks he can spend less than the 2012 candidates did
Ian Reisner, a New York City-based hotelier facing a boycott of his gay-friendly establishments, apologized in a Facebook post
The Senate weighs a bill allowing Congress to review and possibly reject nuclear Iran deal