1. Elvira says:

    The comment about the US miiatlry I took as offensive, seeing as that there is only one service that does. THE ARMY!!!!! The US Marines almost never miss a shot and therefore the money is not wasted by all the Military soldiers just the Army who is not up to snuff compaired to the Marines or special forces.

  2. Sally says:

    Last year pool.Hvilket program hf8rer du mest pe5 Radio 3? % StemmerTippelaget 30% 6Morgenshowet 15% 3Formiddagen 15% 3Ettermiddagsrushet 15% 3Ble5 rpseet 10% 2Live & Direkte 15% 3Poll startet 31 May 2010. 20 stemmer avgitt totalt.__________________________________________________________Today results pool started 03/15/2011Hvilket program hf8rer du mest pe5 Radio 3? % StemmerMorgenshowet 9.3% 4Ettermiddagsrushet 4.65% 2Tippelaget 13.95% 6Live & Direkte 20.93% 9Ble5 Resept 4.65% 2Earcandy 46.51% 20Poll startet 15 Mar 2011. 43 stemmer avgitt totalt. Congrats !

  3. Mary says:

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  4. Abo says:

    Large breasted ielbsans and ginger losers? Oh, call me shallow, but so far, this is a fabulous tale. Now all we need are some penguins. Or laser guns. Or a hero with dark, twisted soul who’s only a hero because of a sense of purpose that drives him/her to do good acts, instead of bad. Don’t know if Colin will fit this bill. Gingers don’t generally make good heroes. Even twisted ones. Although

  5. Giorgi says:

    Annie Keyser – Eloise is quite the subject to be poaghtrophed these photos truly capture the essence of such an adorable little girl! Especially love the black and whites great job Joslyn!

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