1. Sandy says:

    Kate swail – Those kids are just some of the most precious ones ever- there sweet arisonplitees shine through their darling smiles!Gorgeous photos joslyn

  2. Peri says:

    Hi AnitaHope all is well. Thanks for sending the link to the Grand Palais Monet ehxbiition website. I really enjoyed that, it brought me right back to France. There were quite a few paintings I have not seen before but recognized several from the Muse9e d’Orsay. I’ve always liked Monet, would have loved to be there. Thanks for stopping by, we’ll stay in touch. Bisous, Hege

  3. Wagma says:

    Brian vieram augnls amiguinhos ler a tua entrevista mas sf3 amanhe3 e9 que comee7am as votae7oes e ve3o para o blog:presenteslove-2 (selinhos) blogspot .comPodes por o linque para eles irem le1 diretos ,gostava muito que ganhaces pois foste o meu primeiro amigo Amaricano e tens sido um amigo muito especial para mim ,te adoro!Estou a ser um pouco lamecha mas e9 o que sinto na realidade, e9s um bom amigo daqueles que se escreve com letras grandes AMIGO do corae7e3oMil turrinhas para o meu amigo especialKika

  4. Derrick says:

    Oh that is so exciting Sascha. Way to go. It is layaws so much fun when the kitties decide that it is all right to be friends. You two do look very happy snoozing on the bed. Good stuff. That made our Mom smile too.Hope all of you have a great day.

  5. Seito says:

    I tend to write tons when my life is crazy and puzzly–I beomce obssessive about putting pen to paper or tips to keyboard; but when things are okay, I don’t need to control my world through my words. Maybe you’re similar.Write when you can, otherwise enjoy your okay. (But I have missed you.)

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