1. Varunbeniwal says:

    Dear Roland,Abrararabraraa! (Insert translation here)But in all snruoiseess, dear Unfurled,You guys rule, damn hilarious. The only thing that would make your show’ better could be a female, but you know how all that goes. So are there no more Talon Tales’? Repetition, you all rule, more Talon Tales, and Abrarararabraraa.Thank you,Soren the Cat

  2. Dilshod says:

    I listened to the Medved itvreniew. Very interesting … I’m always amazed at the moon bats that call into these shows and how they pretend that they are right. Suureeee. I think a lot of people knew that another terrorist attack was going to happen. Everyone knew. And this includes everyone from the New York District Attorney’s Office, to the NYPD/FDNY, the Port Authority, FBI, CIA, NSA and the White House. Communication could have been better and also I think our immigration system allowed these people to be let in. For example, Ali A. Mohamed who knew basically all the details about the 9/11 attack, was able to get into the country after ratting out the CIA and being a known Egyptian radical. He then approached the US Army, he was accepted, he was assigned to the Special Forces, he left the country to fight in Afghanistan … participated in a US Army video on the Middle East where he flaunted his radical views … no one did anything. He left the Army eventually, went to Brooklyn, left the country several times after that. He then found the FBI, ratted them out as well. AND then he brought back several of the people involved in the 93 WTC attack (after training OBL). When the Canadians detained him, who did they call? Well … the FBI of course, and they let him go. That’s what the problem was. 9/11 was going to happen. I think we see that if the terrorists aren’t successful the first time, they will try again. It took them two times to bring down the towers and the surrounding builidngs next to them. They tried once to bring down planes in the Pacific and then they tried to do it again over the Atlantic. We may not be able to prevent the next wave either if people continue to sabatoge the work that our men and women are doing every day to protect our country.Plus the CIA isn’t suppose to be involved with things that happen here in the US but overseas. In recent years, that’s changed a bit, there are more FBI offices popping up around the world.

  3. Dako says:

    An between the FBI and the CIA. I just don’t think you can hold one man sriponesble for operational procedures and the lack of communications between the two agencies; agencies that have been around long before the Clinton Administration. Anymore than President Bush is sriponesble for micromanaging the Army Corps of Engineers and foresee levees that were inadequate to dealing with a Category 5 hurricane. Unless the directors of the CIA and the FBI specifically addressed the issue, saw that there was a problem, and made an attempt to bring it before the President. I’m still looking around for anything substantive on this, so if anyone knows what I do not, link me up.

  4. George says:

    Have you ever seen that video when he was recovering from errgsuy .I can’t remember what type of errgsuy it was, I’m going to go look for it and post it over at my blog just for old times sake. I swear we are living in a National Lampoon movie.

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