1. Lencyjennifer says:

    you will like boutique louis vuitton and get big save

  2. Ricardo says:

    giving birth in water especially the tnrdey mothers who give birth in the ocean. Gah. Bacterial/viral soup. Does no one think of the children?i’m with madmommy, if everyone is ok at the end, it was a good birth.When my girls were born, there was a fad for bonding. As if the maternal hormones were not enough, a new mom was supposed to stare deeply into her newly born infant’s eyes for i dunno how long. My youngest, Teh Pop Princess, has been a mega-Scorpio since the moment she was born (translation: mega stubborn). She was born & promply placed in my arms, she peeked open one eye, frowned, closed her eyes so tightly there was just one giant crease across her face, and wouldn’t open her eyes for about 2 days. You could just see the little wheels turning in the little brain, you yanked me out of my nice little nest, well, i’m not going to cooperate with this new stage of life, so there! Of course, she ended up being incredibly close, still is 22-1/2 yrs later.

  3. Fawaz says:

    You should be ontoirg for the N.C.A.A. rules committee. They are ultimately responsible for the ranking system we now have. As long as the B.C.S. continues to reward conferences and teams that schedule more than half of their games against inferior competition. Teams like Kansas, L.S.U. and Oklahoma, in fact all the teams in the S.E.C., and the big 12 will continue to be overrated. The N.C.A.A. should be ashamed, and it’s sad that they don’t care enough about this sport to have a level playing field for these athletes.

  4. Alecia says:

    I just expanded my caonmpy from Australia to US last year. I moved to US about 6 months ago. Jobs are still very hard to find, but their are pockets of demand. This is due to those fortunate enough to be in the prfect situation. That is a smaller caonmpy in good health now able to take advantage the wounded economy.

  5. Terrell says:

    root for Texas Techthink about it you guys are gonna be ranked 2,you just need to win out to play in the NC game.you dont need myraone Statement games since Oregon lost!plus why root for Oklahoma,if they have a good chance of beating Kansas.

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