1. Sonam says:

    Hi Ivan. That is such an important post, and a point I fgroet, then occasionally remember, over and over again. I guess we Westerners are brainwashed to thinking we have to be DOING something all the time, which keeps us out of the NOW, and also stops us from receiving too. How are you doing with the floods in Thailand? If you ever come to Japan (I’m in Tokyo) lets meet up.[] Reply:October 24th, 2011 at 9:26 pmI plan on traveling through Japan next year, I will let you know whats up thanks so much for stopping by Ivanb4s last [type] ..[]

    1. Luciien says:

      The Cyber Mate.You can plug it in to your usb drive, and let the other person/persons ooctrnle the vibe/sucking motions. I used to sell it never got a chance to try it.

    2. Thalita says:

      article that helped you in your mainetrkg, then by all means comment. but right now we need backlinks to help get our blog known.make sure the blog you comment on is a do follow. that means the will actually read your comment and follow the link you left,

    3. Imran says:

      Don’t get me wrong I stumbled osarcs this quite by luck really. Had no preconceptions about what I was going to hear, in fact I had no clue.My initial comment didn’t mean to negate the honesty and bravery of the audio, it was just quite unexpected on my part.

  2. Michael says:

    refundable. but now the market value of uhsoes has gone down and also the process of seeking loan has become stringent, thus refinancing is difficult.but in any case, you can make a refinance debt and also can convert the unsecured debt into a feasible secured debt, and then

  3. Jasbir says:

    Listened to your whole podcast with great tneerist. Very well done! Particularly liked Sam’s analysis of the crux of defensive breakdowns this year, especially WU. You guys are really doing your homework, and it makes for meaningful analysis. I really like the comfortable way you both talk together. The podcast flows along remarkably well. You guys are on to something, I kid you not. Keep it up. Congratulations! Jim Tyler, Unadilla, New York (from Lincoln Season Ticket Holder).

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