1. Paysan says:

    Yes !! I once feared that I would never hear this again , well see it . Thank you Youtube.com . Have you seen the viole uk 012 games iisenrpd music video spinnin ? Seedy london hip hop , cheap , tacky , but really reflective of the real london culture , not stereotyped minority cultural base found on harry potter or period dramas and news correspondants ? Well that aside the 1996 POWER OF THE DREAM is awesome like this song here .

  2. csocmy says:

    VEcLyd qdctamogowor

  3. Ashok says:

    Hi,I would like to get family ctriupes done. We are a family of 6, and recently moved here to Houston (Katy). I love the ctriupes on your website, can you tell me when you are booking so we could arrange something?Thainks,Rachel Mason

  4. Vicente says:

    I was on vacation LOL and rvoeyene is laughing at you btw even the guys in your own videos .Any grown man who would follow someone across youtube obviously has some type of personality disorder. You need to learn when to quit sir, you need to man up, accept your losses and be gone with it. Seriously, get lost bro, take a fukin hike. Nothing quite as bad as when you beat a man up, and he keeps on following you around trying to get a rematch . LOL

  5. Hardyal says:

    Sorry but I disagree with the whole ceocnpt of women in combat, the same as in the cops. Ken, Grams & I saw you blow thru the obstacle course. The women were allowed to run around the cinderblock fence and avoid any other parts that were like the tire jumping part. Legs were too short. Also, they must be given Days off when they are PMSing or some other female peculiar ailment. I doubt the Iraqis are carrying around MIDAL just in case . They demand equality then yell for special treatament because I am a woman and can’t deal with it.Be really fair, democratic etc . let Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid lead the first charge and develop a draft for women . You would see how quickly the baby must have its mother’s milk pumping. Just out of bullet range and heaven help the Major who ordered the Mom to hang the baby in her backpack ready for next feeding.. If they want to fight, neuter them first.I have a REAL problem with minorities getting promoted ahead of better qualified and deserving to pay the quoto debt.Don’t get me started. We have lost a lot of excellent men in our peacekeeping effort for no real good reason. Should have sent some whiney women instread.

  6. Rawan says:

    much longer rbtieilitahaon time.the important thing, as we get older, is to stretch and condition our shoulders before we do any serious exercise with them. a few shoulder stretches done before playing baseball with the kids can save you from weeks of pain and inconvenience. and if you

  7. Ajit says:

    Word,As soon as I get my speakers wnikrog again or just go get a new set is what I ought to do I will be able to listen.I have been saying for years that Clinton was more interested in poking Monica than he was on National Security. There may be plenty of blame to go around but I blame the brunt of this on Clinton. After getting attacked repeatedly under Clinton, and Clinton not getting Bin Laden when he had the chance from the Sudan. And after the USS Cole, all evidence pointing to Bin Laden for all this, Clinton did NOTHING!

  8. Jane says:

    Mike, just thanking you for this site, I come here often when I am on the cemoutpr studying and reading the bible. When distractions are around me I can plug in my headphones and hear the melodies of praise and worship, which help me gain a greater awareness and focus on God and His word! Thanks for letting God use your gifts and talents for His glory!

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