1. Judy Pierce says:

    I think you and a lot of other people in the media forgot that November 11th was Veterans Day. I went through each of your 475 pictures from the parade in downtown Houston, and not even 100 of them actually has a veteran in them. A lot of us are deeply saddened by the disrespect this shows to our veterans. And if you check the front page of the Houston Chronicle on November 12th, it shows a picture of a high school ROTC carrying the flag. What a slap in the face to our World War II and Vietnam veterans.

  2. Thomas Howard says:

    I agree with Judy. Next year only veterans should be allowed to participate in Veteran’s Day!

  3. Judy says:

    Thomas, thanks for agreeing with me. I didn’t, however, mind that the ROTC and the bands and all the other non-veteran participants were there. It was just that the media focus should have been on the veterans.

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