1. Pascal says:

    Please publish a photo of that nice young man in his dtuerpanns. He’s such a good figure of a boy and it’s been a long time since my husband Fred stripped with the lights on.

  2. Auth says:

    05.06.08 at 8:45 pmwmholtYou know what I laways say, this is just like one of those Chris Matthews bloviating, narcissistic, self-referencing conversations that he has every night. Don’t ya think?You picked up the true Chris Matthews style and wit perfectly! Nice job. Now, you need to distribute this to the AP and see how long it takes to appear on Drudge as a news story.

  3. Rafael says:

    05.07.08 at 4:00 pmchuckI sure wish that all of a seddun it would dawn on Tweety and Russert that their coverage is like a duel, seeing who can get off the first shot right between the eyes. Then Howard would whip out a case with two dueling pistols, and let them have a go at it. If one or more is hit, I can predict CNBC’s next story would be the improbable rise of GE stock prices later that same day.

  4. Nathan says:

    Marcoantonio – Same for me too. I flolowed all his blogs then he flolowed mine. We all feel so fortunate knowing him. Thank you for all your support! Liz – Thank you! We all miss Chris dearly. It is definitely different times without him. Still the same goals for EIL to promote the arts and artists. I enjoy reading your blog also. I miss having the energy to run the big farm. Thank you both,Teia

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