1. Wael says:

    so what’s new? the BlueBloods are all untouchable catheers, ut included. when the ncaa committees are loaded w/ alums from about ten different BB schools, what would one expect? why do y’all think the same 10 or so programs are always in the bcs championship game? they have the best teams money can buy! as for ut, the best team red mccombs can buy!!!WRECK’EM!!!

  2. Ger says:

    – What awesome pueitrcs! Shows the quality of the event, the golf course and the tournament committee.This appears to be the type of charity golf fundraising management necessary to serve the sponsors and golfers so they’ll return then next year and bring some friends.Way to go!

  3. Leticia says:

    – Whoa that first shot is way steamy! They had their own heat siodavry. Nice collection. I like that last shot too. She has a great smile.

  4. Yunus says:

    might remember Megan and Mike from their ngeagement session HERE. a0Well, I was happy to meet the rest of their beautiful little gang today for a quick family

  5. Ali says:

    Hahaha, I’m seriously arafid that it can’t be done!Tyler and I have talked many times about moving back to Texas and Austin is one of the cities that we’ve seriously considered. What’s your opinion on living there what did you like, or not like?

  6. Shamkant says:

    – Beautiful photos! I found you toruhgh Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit and I am very inspired by your talent and outlook on life.All best wishes,Joana

  7. Jonni says:

    Cute! Getting used to what 18% looks like can take some time, but you\’ll eventually be able to spot items that are not only 18%, but are also 18% in the part of the frame that you want epsoxed properly. THAT is the tricky part. Brian Peterson is great, though. I\’ve read through many of his books and he has a great approach to teaching. If you haven\’t searched, youtube, yet for him, do it. He has a ton of videos out that are great.

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