Shaun Bijani

Shaun Bijani         shaun Shaun Bijani

What you do for 610: I fill in as needed on the weekends now that I’m a teacher and coach.

Birthday: 10/26/1982

Hometown: Houston

College: University of Houston, class of 2006

High school: Mount Carmel High School

How long at SportsRadio 610: since I was an intern in college

Coolest person at SR610: I dunno. I’d have to say Joel Blank. I really enjoy working with him. When the Rockets lose, it’s his sense of humor that keeps me from gouging my eye ball out!

What I love about Houston: Beautiful city, three major sports teams, a lot of family history in the city and a lot of very nice people. You can’t beat that southern hospitality.

Favorite four-letter word: I know which four letter word I say more than any other, but it’s not necessarily my favorite!

Favorite players to interview: Luis Scola. Case Keenum. Do former players count? If so, Craig Biggio.

Experience: I’ve lived in this city my whole life and feel like I’ve got a solid beat on the sports scene and learned a lot from my grandfather who played professional baseball and served on the city council for 30 years, so I feel like I’ve got a lot of knowledge from having been raised by him and try to share that with the people that listen to our program.

Teams followed: Astros, Rockets, Texans, Cougars, Wwls…basically all of the local sports teams minus the Dynamo and Aeros.

Signature phrases or lines: I have none…I like to use “words” like stategery (spelled like good old Bush 43 says it) and that’s about it.

Favorite sports experiences: long tossing with another houston radio personality on the field at minute maid park before a media softball game. Covering the roger Clemens press conference at the GRB in which he lambasted houston media for not supporting him about his steroid allegations. I covered the Astros game in which Craig Biggio picked up hit #3000, and one of the many faithful fans that attended the Astros and Braves 2005 ALDS game in which they came back to win on a Chris Burke homer in the 18th inning.

Sports played: Baseball, basketball, football, soccer and track in high school. Played baseball for Houston Mens Baseball League, a beer belly league baseball for the last seven years at Mason Park.

Family: Just proud to say that I’m the grandson of one of the greatest human beings God pit on this earth, Frank Mancuso. He had a long and good baseball career for 18 years in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. He served his city with honesty, integrity and heart for 30 years. But besides all that he was a good catholic who never let anything get in the way of he believed in, he was the ultimate family man, took care of his wife, my grandmother for 50 plus years of marriage as well as his family in which he always provided the very best for.

More: Whatever I do in life I’ll give it my ALL, I work harder than anyone else at what I do and pride myself on that, I enjoy working hard, it’s about the sense of accomplishment, while I may not ultimately achieve the goal I set out for, I usually feel pretty damn good knowing that I left it all out there regardless. I may not ever be the best at any one particular thing, but I’m going to die trying.

Rockets, Harden Must Understand What’s at Stake and Rest

The competitor in Harden doesn’t want to rest either one. The competitor in Harden, if he were to rest one of those two games, likely wouldn’t sit against Golden State given their recent loss to the Warriors on Tuesday.


Former NFL Quarterback Says Cutler Is Crazy Enough to Work for Texans, But That’s Just Crazy

“I personally like Jay Cutler, I think his skill set is there. It’s one of those things you just don’t know. You just don’t know, but I like Jay Cutler, I actually think Bill O’Brien is a great football coach, I think he’s a great football mind, will those two personalities match? Johnson said.


State of the Texans: Purging More Than Just Bad Quarterbacks

“I think the personality in terms of… can you coach Brock hard? Brock is the type of individual, you know, he needs reassurance. He needs an arm around him, he needs to be told in a way that you kind of have to massage things with Brock,” Andre Ware says.


Former Baylor Football Coach Art Briles Issues Statement

The crimes committed and alleged to have been committed are discouraging for student-athletes on any campus. The intent to dissuade and attempt to discourage proper punishment for these awful acts at Baylor under Briles’ watch is downright unforgettable.


Texans Could be in Prime Position to Draft One of The Best Quarterbacks Available

While there is still plenty of time to dissect all of the first-round hopefuls, including the quarterbacks ahead of the April 2017 draft, Miller says he’s fairly certain he remains indifferent on this seasons Heisman runner-up, DeShaun Watson.


Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Joins “Gallant At Night” After Paul Calls Him A Boob

“I inherited that when I became county judge in 2007. For whatever reason the decision was made that it was still going to stand they were going to convert it into a hotel. They’d given us exclusive contract with some people to do that but those people did not have the money and they eventually said ‘never mind,’ so they gave it back to the county.”


Larry Fitzgerald Talks About Returning For A 14th Season, HOF and Much More with “The Triple Threat”

Fitzgerald says he hopes Palmer is back with the team, as he credits him for injecting life back into his career.


Texans Safety Andre Hal Talks Defense, Vrable, How Andre Johnson Helped Him Believe He Belongs In The NFL With “The Triple Threat”

“I was going against Andre Johnson, he ran a post route and I read the stem, I read the post and as I was running I saw the ball, I jumped over his head and the ball was on my helmet… I picked it, and I was like ‘whoa, that was Andre Johnson’, he’s probably a future hall-of-famer and I just did that against him. I can play in this league, you know I belong.”


Texans Need To Draft A QB; But Will They?

Rick Smith and the Texans have hit on nearly every 1st round pick since he took over as GM in 2006: Mario Williams, Duane Brown, Brian Cushing, Kareem Jackson, JJ Watt, Whitney Mercilus, DeAndre Hopkins, JD Clowney, Kevin Johnson. His 2007 pick of Amobi Okoye didn’t pan out and to be fair the jury is still out on Will Fuller.


Texans Hoping Recent QB Swap Works Out Better Than The Last

In Hoyer’s Texans debut last season, after putting his team in a 27-9 hole to the Chiefs (18-34 236 1TD 1INT), Ryan Mallett replaced him with 6 minutes left in the game and threw for a TD and 2pt conversion completing 5-6 passes on the drive, finishing the game with 98 yards 8-13 passes.




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