Shaun Bijani

Shaun Bijani         shaun Shaun Bijani

What you do for 610: I fill in as needed on the weekends now that I’m a teacher and coach.

Birthday: 10/26/1982

Hometown: Houston

College: University of Houston, class of 2006

High school: Mount Carmel High School

How long at SportsRadio 610: since I was an intern in college

Coolest person at SR610: I dunno. I’d have to say Joel Blank. I really enjoy working with him. When the Rockets lose, it’s his sense of humor that keeps me from gouging my eye ball out!

What I love about Houston: Beautiful city, three major sports teams, a lot of family history in the city and a lot of very nice people. You can’t beat that southern hospitality.

Favorite four-letter word: I know which four letter word I say more than any other, but it’s not necessarily my favorite!

Favorite players to interview: Luis Scola. Case Keenum. Do former players count? If so, Craig Biggio.

Experience: I’ve lived in this city my whole life and feel like I’ve got a solid beat on the sports scene and learned a lot from my grandfather who played professional baseball and served on the city council for 30 years, so I feel like I’ve got a lot of knowledge from having been raised by him and try to share that with the people that listen to our program.

Teams followed: Astros, Rockets, Texans, Cougars, Wwls…basically all of the local sports teams minus the Dynamo and Aeros.

Signature phrases or lines: I have none…I like to use “words” like stategery (spelled like good old Bush 43 says it) and that’s about it.

Favorite sports experiences: long tossing with another houston radio personality on the field at minute maid park before a media softball game. Covering the roger Clemens press conference at the GRB in which he lambasted houston media for not supporting him about his steroid allegations. I covered the Astros game in which Craig Biggio picked up hit #3000, and one of the many faithful fans that attended the Astros and Braves 2005 ALDS game in which they came back to win on a Chris Burke homer in the 18th inning.

Sports played: Baseball, basketball, football, soccer and track in high school. Played baseball for Houston Mens Baseball League, a beer belly league baseball for the last seven years at Mason Park.

Family: Just proud to say that I’m the grandson of one of the greatest human beings God pit on this earth, Frank Mancuso. He had a long and good baseball career for 18 years in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. He served his city with honesty, integrity and heart for 30 years. But besides all that he was a good catholic who never let anything get in the way of he believed in, he was the ultimate family man, took care of his wife, my grandmother for 50 plus years of marriage as well as his family in which he always provided the very best for.

More: Whatever I do in life I’ll give it my ALL, I work harder than anyone else at what I do and pride myself on that, I enjoy working hard, it’s about the sense of accomplishment, while I may not ultimately achieve the goal I set out for, I usually feel pretty damn good knowing that I left it all out there regardless. I may not ever be the best at any one particular thing, but I’m going to die trying.

Garapolo, 49ers Find Chemistry and Win Against Texans  

While Garapolo and the 49ers missed some big opportunities to gash the Texans in the first half, the 49ers got hot at the right time following a 6 play 75 yard drive by TJ Yates and the Texans to start the 2nd half. 
Trailing 16-13 in the 3rd quarter, Garapolo engineered an 11 play 68 yard drive that ended in a field goal, tying the game at 16. Following a Texans punt, Garapolo and the 49ers put together a 6 play 85 yard drive, including a big 61 yard reception by Celek on a 3rd and 6. 


Texans Back Savage After Struggles In Week 9

HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – After being benched in the season opener for rookie Deshaun Watson, not many would have disagreed with backup quarterback Tom Savage if he’d have said he’ll never step under center again, at least as a member of the Houston Texans. However, following the news this past week of Watson’s season-ending knee […]


Browns Boast On Potential Of Watson And Texans

“I actually got a chance to talk to (DeAndre) Hopkins at one point during the course of the game. I told him after playing his team, obviously being in the division when I was in Tennessee so many years; (Deshaun) Watson has made a huge difference in that offense. They look like a totally different offense with him. He has a lot of ability.”


McCourtey: Watson Made A “Huge Difference” For Texans Offense

Watson, throwing 3 more touchdowns in Sunday afternoon’s 33-17 victory over the Browns, has 15 on the season, the most by a rookie in his team’s first 6 games.


Jeff Bagwell Knocked One More Out of The Park Sunday

While the numbers meet and exceed those long set as Hall of Fame standards. It’s never just about the accumulation of numbers, it’s also about being the best teammate you can be. 
That’s what Jeff wanted to be remembered and recognized for. 


BIJANI: Bagwell’s Road To Cooperstown A Long Journey

If the road to Cooperstown for Jeff Bagwell was anything like our drive up to cover it, then that jacket must feel really good when he puts it on and seeing his plaque with words so eloquently crafted that defined a career that little leaguers could only dream of, has got to be surreal. 


In The Loop 7-4-17

Happy Birthday America! Shaun Bijani and Derek Fogle in for Cody and Lopez. They talk Sports OCD Part 2: Irrational sports hatred and college football 2017 predictions We hear from Jeff Luhnow,,, well not really… its Shaun.


In The Loop 7-3-17

Shaun Bijani and Derek Fogle in for Cody and Lopez Talking Astros, OCD Sports, and get a surprise call from Astros PA Announcer Bob Ford. NFL/NA/NCAAB writer for Yahoo Sports Jordan Schultz joins the show


Rockets Must Be Ready for one Helluva Counterpunch by the Spurs

That basket put the Rockets up 15-6 at around the 8-minute mark. The Rockets began heating up from 3, and eventually won the quarter 34-23, before dropping straight FIRE on the Spurs in the 2nd quarter.


For Many NFL QB Draft Prospects, Only Time Will Tell

To have had your dreams and aspirations and hard work pay off like it has, could and will for some of these guys.



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