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seth payne is coolSeth Payne

What I do for 610: I co-host MaD Radio with Mike Meltzer from 10am to 2pm weekdays.

Birthday: February 12

Twitter: @PayneNFL

Hometown: Victor, NY

College: Cornell University

How long at SportsRadio 610: I’ve been here since July, 2012

Coolest person at SR610: Based on her trendy glasses, Laura Reynolds.  Based on Super Bowl rings, Ted Johnson.

What I love about Houston: I love that it has so many professional sports.  I love that it kicked the recession’s ass.  I love that it has ethnic diversity.

Favorite four-letter word: The C word.  It is the nuclear weapon of four letter words.

Experience: I was a defensive linemen in the NFL for 10 years.  I was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1997 , then went to the Texans in 2002, where I played for 5 years.

Teams followed: I grew up a Bills fan.  I still have many cheesy Bills posters in my room at my Mom’s house.  There exist pictures of me wearing red, white, and blue Zubaz.

Favorite sports experiences:  Beating the Cowboys in the first Texans game ever.  Going 14-2 and making it to the AFC Championship game with the Jaguars in 1999.  Playing college football at a non-scholarship school, where guys played simply because they loved it.

Sports played: I played football from fifth grade through my tenth year in the NFL.  I wrestled until my junior year in high school, when I quit because I would have had to wrestle heavyweight at 6’2”  and 185 lbs.  My wrestling coach thought it was idiotic that I was planning to focus on lifting weights and getting bigger for football.  He said something along the lines of, “What do think you’re going to do, play in the NFL?”

Family: My wife competes with the Houston Roller Derby.  She’s a furious little badass.  My brother, Dan, was an All American wrestler at Clarion University.  After college he went on to play for the US in the Rugby World Cup and now is the head rugby coach at Life Univesity.


Mad Radio Screw Em 11-25-2015

Mike and Seth Talk sound off on the people who have ticked them off.

SportsRadio 610–11/25/2015


Mad Radio Talks to Darren McKee From 104-3 the Fan in Denver

Mike and Seth Talk to Darren McKee about Ty Lawson having a terrible start, Rahim Moore getting benched in Houston and the Peyton Manning situation.

SportsRadio 610–11/25/2015


Mad Radio Discusses the Level of Play in the NFL

Mike and Seth Talk about the perceived idea that somehow the level of play in the NFL is down this year. Have we been spoiled by too many shootouts?

SportsRadio 610–11/24/2015


Mad Radio Mad Takes 11-24-2015

Mike and Seth Talk about the Peyton Manning/Osweiler situation, Johnny Manziel partying again, a Games of Thrones promo and where Houston traffic ranks among the worst in the nation.

SportsRadio 610–11/24/2015


Mad Takes 11-23-2015

Mike and Seth Talk about the Rockets bad start, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s possible concussion and the Ohio State loss to Michigan State.

SportsRadio 610–11/23/2015

Lamar Miller #26 of the Miami Dolphins runs with the ball against the Houston Texans  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

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Seth Payne

Deceptively Fast – Top 5 Characters From Hard Knocks Ep. 4

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Deceptively Fast

Deceptively Fast W/ Seth Payne – Advice To Texans Rookies About Houston

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