Leslie T Travis

lesliet Leslie T TravisLeslie T Travis

What I do for 610: I keep the Outdoor Show and weekend mornings running smoothly. You try keeping two Coast Guard Captains and two golfing enthusiasts in line for 4 hours every weekend! I finally have a reason to use that look my Mom used to give me when I acted squirrelly.

Birthday:  Oct 6.

Hometown: Nevada MO

College: Cottey College, Nevada MO and Missouri State University, Springfield MO

How long at SportsRadio 610:  At 610 for about 8 years; at CBS Radio since 1990.

How long in radio business: Thirty-five (Holy cow!) years!

Coolest person at SR610: Captain Mickey Eastman

What you love about Houston: After 24 years here I still find something I haven’t done before or someplace I’ve never been.

Stuff you do when not at Sports Radio 610?: Birding – love the Texas coast bird watching, the thrill of eBay selling, and road trips that involved Icees and beef jerky.

Experience: I’ve been doing this a long time. Starting in 1990 with KILT-FM I’ve hosted two of Houston’s top rated radio shows – Cryin Lovin and Leavin and The Texas Music Revolution. And now I’m enjoying something completely different on the other side of the mic.

Teams followed: Texans, Royals, Chiefs, Skeeters and Cy-Creek Cougars!!

Favorite sports experiences: When I was a kid I chased George Brett around Royals’ stadium to get his autograph. I got it and it’s framed and hangs in my bedroom. I got to sit in the dugout at an Astros game during a station promotion and that was VERY cool.

Sports played: Won the Missouri State Championship in softball when I played in college. Now it’s more like bowling once a month with my Godson.

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