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 Laura Reynolds

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What I do for 610: Assistant Program Director for SportsRadio 610, Talk 650 and Texans Radio Network. I also do Traffic Reports for 100.3 KILT, SportsRadio 610 and Texans Home Games. My job can be summed up in two words: coordinating and communicating. I program the Control Room software that provides the commercials and show elements that are heard on-air. I oversee the public affairs show that airs on the 5 CBS Radio Houston English-speaking stations as well as quarterly Ascertainments for all 6 CBS Radio Houston stations. I also schedule talent and producers each week, write sales promos, work with the traffic department to schedule the programs and games to air at the correct times, hire producers, pre-screen talent for hire, payroll and anything else that needs to be done to continue to make SportsRadio 610 the #1 rated sports station in Houston!

Hometown: I don’t really consider any of the towns I’ve lived in to be a “hometown” but out of all of them, I like Houston best so I’ll just say Houston.

College: University of Missouri/Broadcast Journalism and Mississippi State/Meteorology

How long at SportsRadio 610: 10 years.

What I love about Houston: Houstonians are the friendliest people I have ever met. When asked this question I always tell the story about when I first moved here I needed directions and asked someone in a Dillards parking lot. As they tried to explain it, they finally said—just follow us we’ll take you there. They literally drove to where I needed to be!

Favorite four-letter word: VACA


  • I pride myself on getting jobs because of WHAT I know as opposed to WHO I know.
  • I’ve been a DJ at KLIR FM/Columbus, NE and KLIK/Jefferson City, MO
  • I’ve been a News Anchor at KWOS/Jefferson City, MO
  • I’ve been a Weather Forecaster at KRCG/Jefferson City, MO
  • I was a Marketing Director for the 7 Zimmer Radio Group Stations in Mid-Missouri
  • I was a Marketing Director for the 6 Journal Broadcast Group Stations in Wichita, Kansas.

Teams followed: Texans, Rockets, Astros, Cornhuskers, Mizzou

Signature line: You betcha!

Favorite sports experiences:

  • Sitting at Arrowhead Stadium in the upper level wearing a trash bag while the Chiefs played the Raiders while freezing rain came down the entire game. Whenever I moved, ice would break off and fall down my back. It was miserable.
  • Being in the stands when Mark McGwire hit home run #68. I thought the park would collapse from the roar of the crowd on September 26, 1998.
  • In a suite at Minute Maid park October 15, 2005 when Astros won Game 3 against the Cardinals in the National League Championship.
  • Sitting at the 30 yard line during the infamous 5th Down Game when Colorado beat Mizzou October 6, 1990.
  • Any game in which Toro hugs me!

Sports played: Basketball/Volleyball/Cheerleading in Highschool, Women’s Fast Pitch

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

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