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Laura Reynolds

 Laura Reynolds

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What I do for 610: Assistant Program Director for SportsRadio 610, Talk 650 and Texans Radio Network. I also do Traffic Reports for 100.3 KILT, SportsRadio 610 and Texans Home Games. My job can be summed up in two words: coordinating and communicating. I program the Control Room software that provides the commercials and show elements that are heard on-air. I oversee the public affairs show that airs on the 5 CBS Radio Houston English-speaking stations as well as quarterly Ascertainments for all 6 CBS Radio Houston stations. I also schedule talent and producers each week, write sales promos, work with the traffic department to schedule the programs and games to air at the correct times, hire producers, pre-screen talent for hire, payroll and anything else that needs to be done to continue to make SportsRadio 610 the #1 rated sports station in Houston!

Hometown: I don’t really consider any of the towns I’ve lived in to be a “hometown” but out of all of them, I like Houston best so I’ll just say Houston.

College: University of Missouri/Broadcast Journalism and Mississippi State/Meteorology

How long at SportsRadio 610: 10 years.

What I love about Houston: Houstonians are the friendliest people I have ever met. When asked this question I always tell the story about when I first moved here I needed directions and asked someone in a Dillards parking lot. As they tried to explain it, they finally said—just follow us we’ll take you there. They literally drove to where I needed to be!

Favorite four-letter word: VACA


  • I pride myself on getting jobs because of WHAT I know as opposed to WHO I know.
  • I’ve been a DJ at KLIR FM/Columbus, NE and KLIK/Jefferson City, MO
  • I’ve been a News Anchor at KWOS/Jefferson City, MO
  • I’ve been a Weather Forecaster at KRCG/Jefferson City, MO
  • I was a Marketing Director for the 7 Zimmer Radio Group Stations in Mid-Missouri
  • I was a Marketing Director for the 6 Journal Broadcast Group Stations in Wichita, Kansas.

Teams followed: Texans, Rockets, Astros, Cornhuskers, Mizzou

Signature line: You betcha!

Favorite sports experiences:

  • Sitting at Arrowhead Stadium in the upper level wearing a trash bag while the Chiefs played the Raiders while freezing rain came down the entire game. Whenever I moved, ice would break off and fall down my back. It was miserable.
  • Being in the stands when Mark McGwire hit home run #68. I thought the park would collapse from the roar of the crowd on September 26, 1998.
  • In a suite at Minute Maid park October 15, 2005 when Astros won Game 3 against the Cardinals in the National League Championship.
  • Sitting at the 30 yard line during the infamous 5th Down Game when Colorado beat Mizzou October 6, 1990.
  • Any game in which Toro hugs me!

Sports played: Basketball/Volleyball/Cheerleading in Highschool, Women’s Fast Pitch

Houston Cliche Super Bowl LI Drinking Game

In advance of the Super Bowl, producers and film crews swoop into town to get beauty shots and b-roll to use during the game. I’m pretty confident I have most of their shot list figured out so I’ve created a drinking game of what you’ll see during the game. Since you’ll be totally annihilated after […]


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I’ve heard some crazy things when gossiping. I guess it shouldn’t shock me or surprise me some of the stupid, weird, mean stuff that people do.


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Top 10 Things That STINK About Being in the Hospital!

I was in the hospital for 4 days last week. Not by choice. While I’m an optimistic, glass-half-full type of person, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns while I was there. Top 10 Things That STINK About Being in the Hospital! 10. All the Cream of Wheat I could eat. (if you read my ‘Top […]


10 Things That RULE About Being in the Hospital!

After my recent 4-day stay in the hospital, I decided to look for the silver lining in what was otherwise a not-fun week… 10 Things That RULE About Being in the Hospital! 10. Super stylish gowns and equally cool footies (sarcasm…it’s what you expect from me, right?!?) 9.  Adjustable bed is endlessly entertaining. 8.  When […]


Houston Kids Triathlon 2012!

I’m proud to be the emcee for the Inaugural Houston Kids Triathlon this Saturday at 5:30pm at UH! It’s USAT sanctioned for ages 5 – 10 who will swim 100 yards; bike 3 miles; and run 0.5 miles. Ages 11–15 will swim 200 yards; bike 6 miles; and run 1 mile. I’m USAT sanctioned too–meaning […]


WEIGH to Go Meredith!

Saturday while emceeing the Rotary Club Scholarship Fundraiser at the George Ranch I met Meredith! Meredith was sitting at one of the sponsor tables with her family bidding during the live auction. She even had the winning bid for a fishing trip that she plans on taking with her Dad! Meredith also happens to be one […]


Tan Lines at the Rotary Club!

What a great time emceeing at the Rotary Club of Richmond 13th Annual Caribbean Cowboy Fish Fry last night! I met two Mayors, a zillion State Representatives and even more running for office–well, this Rotary Club gets my vote for providing such a good time for a great cause! Auctioneer Extraordinaire Judge Jim Richard raked in the […]


I Play to My Strengths (and Weaknesses)!

Rudy T’s wife loves the rose bushes that Barry Warner gave her. I wonder if she wants to adopt the ones that Barry gave me? I’d be willing to come visit on holidays and maybe send a card now and then…but really, I am an absentee parent. What’s the Over/Under on the number of days […]


Cowboys in the Caribbean!

The Richmond Rotary really takes the quote ‘Riding off into the sunset’ to heart with their annual Cowboys in the Caribbean Fish Fry tonight (4/7/12) at the George Ranch Historical Park! After all there’s nothing like a sunset in the Caribbean! Click here for more info on the event! I’ll be wearing my brand new […]



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