Job Tennant

job on the micJob Tennant

What I do for 610: Officially, I am the producer for MaD Radio.

Birthday: 10/20/83

Twitter: @jobtennant610

Nickname: Anything involving me being short- Midget, twerp, little guy, little buddy, joby, giant midget, sugar tits.

Hometown: Houston

College: UH

High school: Strake Jesuit

How long at SportsRadio 610: 4 years total, starting with promo

How long in radio business: since 2008

Coolest person at SR610: Ben Nance

WhatI love about Houston: Friends, family, Texans, country girls.

Favorite four-letter word: Ball.

Favorite people to interview: Random crazy people

Experience: …. I watch a lot of sports on TV; and Chris Ogbanaya took my spot on my high school football team and forced me to quit.

Teams followed: Houston everything.

Signature phrase: Just livin’ the dream

Favorite sports experience: Growing up watching sports with my dad.

Sports played: Football, basketball, baseball, track, karate, rugby, other stuff that you wouldn’t consider a sport and nowhere that anyone would care about.

Family info: I have a ten-year-old son, Aidan, who is a bad ass at fencing.

 More: I’m going to law school at South Texas College of Law.


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