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Jim Mudd

Jim Muddjim mudd Jim Mudd

What I do for 610: I’m the Producer for MaD Radio with Mike Meltser and Brad Davies.

Birthday: July 07, 1971

Nickname: Big Jim Mudd or Mudd Man

Hometown: Cahokia, Illinois

How long at SportsRadio 610: 3 years

How long in radio business: 4 years

Coolest person at SR610: Other than myself, I’d have to say Ben Nance.

What I love about Houston: There isn’t enough room to list everything.

Favorite four-letter word: MUDD

Favorite people to interview:  We’ve had some big guests on the show like: Donovan McNabb, Larry Merchant and Michael Lohan.  Yep, Lindsay Lohan’s Dad.  There are some people on my wish list like: Mike Tyson, Charles Barkley, and David Lee Roth

Teams followed: St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Texans,  and Houston Rockets


Favorite sports experiences: I was at Busch Stadium when Lou Brock hit his 3000th hit.  Every Cardinal World Series win, The Rockets two championships, and the Texans first playoff victory against the Bengals.

Sports played: Like everyone I played little league baseball.  Not well, but I played.

Family:  I’m my parents favorite child out of four. I’ve been married to my wife Dusty for 16 years and we have two daughter’s named Dani (11) and Emily (9). 


Hugs From A Middle School Girl

My little girl turns 12 today. Dani is a beautiful young lady. She’s sweet and always thinks of others first. I have to admit, she gets those traits from her mother. What she gets from [...]


chocolate candies

Bite Me, Chocolate – Facing My Weakness Right In The Wrapper

Jim Mudd likse chocolate everything. He’ll eat anything that has chocolate.


(credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

QWLC Saved Me From My LIfe As A Zombie

I’m not here to debate the existence of zombies or the impending zombie apocalypse.


A Base For Flower Arrangements (credit: Getty Images)

Staying On Weightloss Track: Getting Through Holidays A Success

I’ve been losing weight with the assistance of the fine folks over at the Quick Weight Loss Center for going on 5 months


(credit: AMR/CBS Houston)

SportsRadio 610’s Jim Mudd Blogging His Way To Skinny

Hi. I’m Jim Mudd, and I’m a fatty.


Hub Arkush, ProFootballWeekly

Hub Arkush: The Texans Can Be A Dominant Team

Hub Arkush of ProFootballWeekly.com joins MaD Radio. Hub stops by for his weekly visit to talk Texans and the other big stories in the NFL.


(Photo Credit: Jaime Squire/Getty Images)

Texans Defense Can Still Bring Pressure

Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network and NFL.com joins MaD Radio. We get his thoughts on Texans-Ravens and the other big news from around the NFL.


(credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

A Focused Jacoby Jones Is Dangerous

Our buddy Glenn Younes of 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore joins MaD Radio.
We talk about the Texans-Ravens matchup.


(credit: Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Texans’ Need Barwin To Play Better

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.om joins MaD Radio. Pete is one of the premier NFL writers in the world. We talk about Texans-Ravens and the other big news in the NFL.


(credit: Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Texans-Ravens Will Be A Very Close Game

Paul Bessire of Predictionmachine.com joins MaD Radio. Paul runs every game through his super computer 50,000 times. He comes on every week to give us his predictions for that weeks games.




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